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Goolge Drive - Moving Shared Folders - How do we stop this?

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Started by Piki Hare 07 May 2014 4:48pm () Replies (4)

Everyone is set up as an editor of documents but recently we have been having issues with some users accidentally moving files from shared folders over into their own personal drive which breaks access for everyone else.

This is obviously quite annoying and slows down work as we then need to try and find out who it was that did it and have them reshare the files with everyone.

We were wondering if it is possible to let people have access to edit documents but stop them from moving the files?


  • Karla Hull (View all users posts) 07 May 2014 6:17pm ()

    Hi Piki

    When we first started using google drive we had this happen a lot.  You might already know this already but if not, it may be useful:
    You are able to add a folder/fileto your drive without it moving permanently from someone else.  Under shared with me if you click the folder/file, then you can click 'add to my drive' and it will remain in both.  
    The other option is to hold command key (mac) or control key, then you are able to share folders/docs in as many places as you want without it moving from the original place.  We encourage all our students not to drag folders and if they need to add a folder to their drive, so that they can add docs to it, then they do it the way I have explained above.
  • Piki Hare (View all users posts) 07 May 2014 6:24pm ()

    Awesome. Thanks for this. Yes we will encourage users to do that from now on. 

  • Mike Forrest (View all users posts) 07 May 2014 8:47pm ()

    Hi Piki and Karla

    This is very useful advice (as long as your user follow it!).

    Just need to correct the add file/folder info for Mac users. To add a file or folder Mac users should hold down the option key when dragging the file or folder to another folder. 

    If they did this with a 'regular'* file or folder on their hard drive, or local server it would make a duplicate in the new location. And we all know how annoying it can be when users start creating multiple versions of important shared files and folders!

    With google based files and folders it is more like creating an alias or short-cut in the new location. Staff who aren't sure what folder to file things in so they can find them again love being able to 'file' in multiple locations but know they will only ever be working on the one file.


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