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Web Filtering

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Started by Hamish McLean 07 May 2014 8:48am () Replies (1)

Thought I'd start a discussion about filters and google safe search.

Firstly background for our school:

- Watchguard filter

- Google safe search active



However, often google images will still come up with inappropriate pictures.

For example:  A search for *eeling* will reveal nudity.  I have contacted google to aleart them to this, and for them to update their safe search blockers.  However 6 months later the images still appear.   



If you do this search, or other searches have you been able to stop these inappropriate images from appearing?

Other than blocking the google image ports (which would then block all google images) there doesnt seem to be anything that we can do.


Have you been able to address this or a similar issue?

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