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Goldilocks' Academic Choices

Here is an excellent classroom example that mirrors many of the values of UDL. Melissa Porforio shares her Grade 1 (new entrant) class in a literacy experience. Students develop comprehension through retelling the story of Goldilocks using multiple means of representation.

Melissa takes you through the process as she introduces “Academic Choice” to her students.  

Academic Choice

Academic Choice (13:15) 

Other than sending groups off to stations while she works with small groups and some whole class work on the IWB, there doesn't seem to be a lot of technology available as a choice. 

How could technology be used to compliment this unit of work?
How do you introduce and manage choices with your class? 

The resources that she uses within the lesson are also available for you to download:

Worksheet: Learning Profile

Worksheet: Retelling

Lesson Plan




Here is another video about student choice based on the UDL principles

"Providing choice to students empowers them to direct their own learning and become more aware of their learning strengths and needs." 


Student Choice using UDL  



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