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What exactly does 'Māori achieving success as Māori' look like?

As educators, when we hear the term, Māori achieving success as Māori we earnestly want to see/feel/touch what this looks like. We all want to know how to identify what is needed from ourselves, so that Māori students can achieve educative success in our schools.

Enabling e-Learning has several informative (short) videos sharing one kura’s journey in addressing this very issue, using the, Māori achieving success as Māori (MASAM) Framework as a tool for self review.


The framework developed by Kathe Tawhiwhirangi and Trevor Bond (Learning with Digital Technologies facilitators), helps schools and kura to map where they currently sit - in terms of how successful the five cultural competencies of Tātaiako (Ako, Whanaungatanga, Tangata Whenuatanga, Manaakitanga, Wānanga) are modelled/practiced across the school community. In this MASAM Framework, they’ve also added another competency - Ako-e (e-Learning).

In these videos from Waerenga o Kuri, it’s interesting to see, how much community, parent and whanāu input as been part of this collaborative (rather than consultative) process. It's evident that a growth in partnerships is helping to improve student learning here.

So, how has the MASAM Framework made a difference for Māori learners at Waerenga o Kuri? Check out these videos to learn more.



For more, check out Enabling e-Learning's Media Gallery.


A big thank you Kathe Tawhiwhirangi and Trevor Bond for your mahi and guidance here.


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