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Collaborate to Enhance UDL

Co-creating lessons, units of work or designing an assessment - How are you collaborating with others?

“When great minds come together that share the common goal of enhancing student learning and achievement, great things happen.”

This UDL inspired video shares some benefits of collaboration.

  Collaborative UDL

Teacher Collaboration

 An awesome example of professional collaboration is the literacy progression matrix co-created by VLN users in the Blended e-learning Literacy group.

How has making connections within or outside of your school (maybe through the VLN) enhanced your practice? 

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  • Tash Jacobs (View all users posts) 24 Apr 2014 12:51pm ()

    Hi Roxy

    Collaborating with other classes provides a fantastic authentic audience for our students and they just love giving and receiving feedback to others on line!  I've attached a link to another conversation going on to show this in action. 


  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 06 May 2014 11:51am ()

    Thanks Tash, 

    Not only the context of using Google Docs with your students within your class, but the thread itself is a great example of collaboration with other educators around the country. How exciting that it has led to collaboration on a wider scale connecting students in schools from different parts of the country. 

    “When great minds come together that share the common goal of enhancing student learning and achievement, great things happen.”


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 May 2014 12:26pm ()

    Hi Roxy, thanks for starting this tread. This is so timely as we're going to focus on this in this Term's Enabling e-Learning calendar of events as well.

    I see it's also one of the subthemes from Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching — a New Zealand perspective too. There's some more examples of teachers collaborating across the VLN here: 


    Can you please re-load the awesome example of professional collaboration link - it's not working for me Smile?

  • linda Ojala (View all users posts) 08 May 2014 9:52pm ()

    Hi Roxy

    As I watched the video I found  myself nodding in agreement with many of the teacher comments. Collaboration is  so powerful. The ability to collaborate across classrooms, schools and time zones  now seems to be such an integral part of our teaching, I be lost without it!   Also collaboration with families in terms of developing a shared partnership between home and school.  

    I must say though, once I got into this site I spent a fair amount of time looking at all the UDL resources. There seems to be so many fantastic videos and support resources which I'm really keen to take a look at.  So thanks for the link.


  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 14 May 2014 10:47am ()

    Hi Linda,

    I really like that site too - there are so many videos that provide some inspiration into accessing UDL. 

    That is such a good point, that collaborating with families as a partnership is so valuable for the potential success of our students.  Do you have any examples of how you collaborate with families? 

    Tessa that link should be all fixed up. Those collaborative projects really show how many minds can help us think outside our comfort zone or what we regularly do, to provide multiple options for our students to access learning. I look forward to seeing further posts on Enabling e-learning! 

  • linda Ojala (View all users posts) 19 May 2014 9:31pm ()

    This year having a BYOD class I have found it so much easier to engage and collaborate with families. Our class blog offers an insight into whats happening in the class.  Its a great way for parents to connect when they can't come in.  Its also a great space to put teaching videos, questions and resources for students to use.  Again they can share their learning through the blog.

    We are also using Harpara Teacher Dashboard.  This is another fantastic way to share work.  One aspect that I am finding really beneficial is sharing presentations around our inquiry.  It's a bit like the whole pre loading concept. I include links, questions, video and pictures. My students can share these at home, develop understandings - come up with new ideas and add their contributions.  The photo below captures this.  


    Sharing UDL in the Classroom

    I shared a presentation around different house designs. In art we were exploring shapes in structures, different materials, size and adaption for the environment.  Many children went home that night and again looked at the presentation with their family. The student in this photo is sharing her presentation and sketches with her mum the next day in class.  It’s this off the cuff learning and sharing that I find so exciting. What came out of this was that the family had been on a recent trip to Australia and had actually been in a tree house structure very similar to one of the images.  This lead to lots of great discussion lead by the student.

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 22 May 2014 2:10pm ()

    What a great example Linda. I bet the authenticity of this conversation meant that it was more informative of her understanding about the topic than any test, written story or even a conference with the teacher. This would be great to capture on video as a piece of evidence for assessment. 

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