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A request for interview volunteers to support a research study

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Started by Sara 22 Apr 2014 5:47pm () Replies (1)

Dear Secondary ESOL Online Members,

Kia ora
My name is Sara and I am a PhD candidate in e-learning, at the College of Education, University of Canterbury. I am investigating:
        New Zealand's Secondary ESOL teachers’ perspectives on the integration of technology into their classrooms, i.e. 
 Whether or not teachers support teaching with technology (including the use of different hardware ( e.g. iPads, smartphones, etc.), software (e.g. Online Dictionaries; Language Perfect, Jing, etc.), apps (Voki or Voicethread, voice recording apps, etc.) or social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter)) If they do, why and how? If they don’t, why not, and what are the contributing factors?
I would really appreciate your willingness to  participate in the project. Your involvement would consist of a 30-45 minute interview conducted (online through Skype, face-to-face or by phone) at a place and time that best suits you. All information will be treated with strictest confidence and anonymity and you would have the right to withdraw from the study at any stage.
If you are interested in taking part, please email me back with your name and contact details so I can  contact you directly. Thank you for your willingness to consider my request.  
I am really looking forward to hearing from you as your experiences will be invaluable to my research.
Phone: 0220217204

Kind Regards,

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