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Started by Tash Jacobs 14 Apr 2014 2:52pm () Replies (5)

This is a link to a fantastic conversation from the blended e-literacy group.  Well worth a look and please read the readings I have shared about authentic Contexts.



  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2014 9:33pm ()

    Tash, as always your sharing of resources is wonderful! I had a look at the authentic literacies reading and reflected on our NZ context. I believe that it has great value and makes sense.

    My second thought was that NZ have got it right - as the US are finally moving away from the textbook chalk and talk model of teaching and learning, we have been doing this all along. With the increasing integration of technology, the classrooms walls extend to make connections with authentic audiences around the world. 

    In considering some of the examples given in the reading, what examples would you add from your own experiences of authentic literacy? (and more specifically using technology)

  • Tash Jacobs (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2014 9:58pm ()


    hi everyone, I've just re-added this link.... It seems I didn't quite copy the whole address, a good lesson in trialling what you send out :)

  • Tash Jacobs (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2014 10:38pm ()

    Hi Roxy

    Thanks for the question, I was thinking about that last night actually... thinking about my most memorable teaching experiences when it dawned on me that all the contexts I was remembering were inquiry with authentic contexts. Curiously these learning experiences are enjoyable and engaging for both teacher and student.

    i think my first memory would be a pizza week I shared with a year 5/6 class some years ago.  The context began with a child seeing an article in the paper about the best pizza in town.  From there conversation flourished and before I knew it (thanks to a supportive principal) we had shelved everything planned for the week, formed business groups, designed a famous pizza and advertising campaigne per group, written letters to all local pizza companies seeking info about marketing and asking for their involvement in the final judging campaigne.  We finished with another class judging the results and (if memory serves me right) dominoes making the winning pizza for the whole class to enjoy and the local paper coming to share the success of the kids projects. 

    I suppose that's an example of running with the excitement and interest generated from what kids bring to school in their kete and want to investigate further.  It's such a shame that we can often miss these gems because we are so busy trying to achieve everything we have planned.

    Another quick example was a letter co-constructed with a class after a student found a staple in their snack bar... Resulting in a box of goodies from the company concerned.

    Most recently a planned inquiry unit with fantastic colleagues where we celebrated our community and looked for something we could do to give back, which resulted in an amazing 50plus metre long mural celebrating everyone in our community involving other schools and day cares etc.  I have never seen letters (e mails) of such quality, as those written in this unit.  The students were really in the driving seat for this.

    Thinking forward... Formulating an idea to have Fay come to talk to the class about her desire to have students reading more novels from our school library and asking us to come up with an idea to entice others to read a variety of books... From there my idea is we could make book trailers  on the pads advertising the books we have been reading this term (making use of our reading log jottings), create qr codes and attach them to the books in a display in the library. Of course this is my idea the kids may have others (although I have been seeding the idea over this term)

    Thanks again Roxy

  • Tash Jacobs (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2014 10:43pm ()

    Maybe someone else could share their experiences with using authentic contexts and inquiry learning :)

    Any ideas of authentic contexts for our science inquiry next term?  Luana had a great idea that we could have a school science fair... Any ideas how we could make this an authentic context.

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