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Digitising student learning | An Enabling e-Learning event

Welcome to Digitising student learning | An Enabling e-Learning event. 

This forum is more about the questions than the answers. We’d love for you to tell us what you’re doing to digitally generate and archive student learning.

Influences such as BYOD, mobile technologies, ultra-fast broadband and new ways of thinking about sharing and evaluating learning, means more schools are moving towards digitising student learning. This may be generically as a class, or individually in e-Portfolios.

The Beyond the Classroom dimension of the revised e-Learning Planning Framework talks about, processes for engaging with whā nau/iwi and the wider community through, with and about their child’s learning.

The Assessment strand talks about, using assessment tasks that use digital technologies, so students have a choice and can collaborate and share learning their learning with others.

In this video on Sharing learning using the class blog and e-portfoliosJacqui Innes (Russell Street School) talks about the benefits of using both e-Portfolios and a class blog to share student learning.


If you've created class blogs or individual e-Portfolios, we'd love to know more about >>>

  • The purpose of these spaces 
  • The platforms you use for a computer, tablet or both Archiving student work
  • Whether these are localised, web-based or cloud-based 
  • How you organise and monitor these spaces
  • What obstacles have you overcome to make this work for you?
  • What happens to digitized learning spaced between classrooms/schools?
  • What are the benefits to you, your students and the wider community?
  • Why would you digitise student learning?


At the same time, what would you say to a school who is >>>

  • starting out on this journey 
  • currently trialing new ways of working and want to refine practices
  • considering the best way to streamline and manage large volumes of digital work within/between/beyond schools

If we could share our experiences, top tips and reflections over the next 30 days, we could construct a resource together - to help support each other's thinking and practice, as we move to digitise student learning. 

Dive in! We'd love to hear what works for you! Smile

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