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Which devices are best fro GAFE

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Started by Denise Lee 13 Apr 2014 5:37pm () Replies (9)

We are moving towards BYOD and my class has 10 chromebooks which are great for GAFE but students are experienced diffcultly when using Samsung and Acer tablets and ipads.  Next year we are thinking of making BYOD compulsory and wish to advise parents about the best devices to purchase.  Which ones are people using and having success with when using GAFE and which ones are you experiencing difficulty with.

Thanks Denise


  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 5:47pm ()

    Hi there

    We have had no significant problems with samsung or acer tablets. Ipads also work fine. The students and we do need to be aware that the mobile app is still limited in terms of its functions compared 5o the desk top version. The students have to know how their device works. The Surface tablets and other Windows devices struggle more - my students are having difficulties not being able to download chrome. However,  they are finding workarounds.

  • Denise Lee (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 6:15pm ()

    Hi Anne

    Thanks for your reply.  The problems that we are having with Acer tablet is tht we cannot copy a document and rename it and with both the Samsung and Acer we cannot create presenations.  Are we missing something, if so can you let me know Thanks Denise

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 7:41pm ()

    Hi Denise,

    different tools serve different purposes. Tablets in general are more limited with GAFE than laptops and Chromebooks, however, there are work arounds for many things, e.g. a document can be opened in the Google Drive app, in the browser as 'mobile' view or in the browser in 'desktop' view. None of the tablets seem to allow creating or editingof Google Presentations at this point in time.

    I suggest that first and foremost you as school ensure that you are absolutely clear why you are going BYOD and what you want to do with the devices when they come into the school. If use of GAFE is one of the main points for going BYOD, you explain the limitations and work-arounds to parents before they purchase. However, I think a child on a tablet could just use a different app, such as Haiku Deck to complete a presentation if that is what the task requires (that's what my son did last year). Alternatively, e.g. where a Google Presentation is a must, the school might have some devices available for students to use?

    I hope this helps :)

    Thanks, Monika

  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 6:32pm ()

    Hi, we have introduced BYOD with GAFE into our Y5-8 syndicate this year.  We opted for Samsung Chromebooks and it is working really well.  The students charge them at home and bring them fully charged each morning and they have plenty of battery life.  The students have had no issues doing everything they have wanted to do.

  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 7:04pm ()

    Hi Denise,

    I think at present there is no way of creating presentations using the Google Drive app. You can view  presentations and display those that have been shared with you but you can't edit or create them on either android or ios which is frustrating. 

  • Steven Wills (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 8:25pm ()

    The free Quick Office app allows you to create presentations (PowerPoints) that can be saved in drive. There are lots of other great presentation apps such as haiku deck and prezi, both of which are free.


  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 8:43pm ()


    You can create a presentation using Powerpoint in the Quickoffice App (Free) on the iPad, photos and all. It also lets you create Word and spreadsheet documents offline and you can then put them in your google doc later when you are on wifi. Word and Xcel are both basic versions, but the Powerpoint is not too bad. Can't edit "google doc", documents.

    Still experimenting with this all to see what is truly possible or what will work the best between the OSX using Microsoft for Mac and iOS platforms using Quickoffice.

  • annerotorua (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2014 9:23pm ()

    We are using a range of devices - the easiest one for student login is the Chromebook ( we are using Samusng Chromebooks) but Macbooks and NComputing system also work well. Have had issues with using the Ipads - we are still early days but on Ipads we can't create or edit Google Presentations and Google Draw, some ebooks and some websites we linked to wouldn't work properly. Most frustrating thing also is with multiple users it is an involved process logging out of Google Apps on the Ipad. With a range of devices available to the students it is interesting that everyone's first choice seems to be the Chromebook.  

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