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Started by Alison Middelkoop 06 Apr 2014 11:19am () Replies (1)

I have started investigating Geogebratube both for using resources that others have placed there and for placing my own resources there.

One I found useful for low ability 10's to revise/practice coordinates in 4 quadrants was: 

http://www.geogebratube.org/student/m19317 (This link takes you straight to the student worksheet -no log in required)

One I have just placed on geogebratube to use with my Year 12 students this week to investigate trigonometry graphs:

http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/103699  This link takes you to the teacher page - you may need to sign up and log in to see this - let me know if there is a problem with this. On the teacher page is also the link I have put to a worksheet that I intend to print off and give to the students to guide their investigation.


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