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iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

Started by Jenny Gosney 04 Apr 2014 10:31am () Replies (18)

Hi Everyone!

We are currently developing a visual code of conduct for our students who have a range of disabilities (mainly autistic). More and more of our students are BYOD to school mainly for communication but of course they play on these devices too including some imaginative photography! Has anyone seen or know of any developed info regarding this. I will post what we finally develop for everyone to access when we finally reach that point!



  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2014 3:03pm ()

    In talking with Chrissie Butler yesterday, she shared with me some cybersafety resources for students with special education needs.

    There is an article introducing the STAR programme aimed at secondary students with Autism. and a Toolkit that has been developed in the UK. 

    Adding to this for primary students there are links to a whole range of resources including some visual resources on the SMART rules (SMART = Safe > Meeting > Accepting > Reliable > Tell) 

    Symbols Online Safety


  • Tara O'Neill (View all users posts) 31 Jul 2014 12:27pm ()


    1.  Carry and hold your I Pad with two hands.

    2.  Sit down and use the I Pad.

    3.  Keep the I Pad dry.

    4.  Keep the I Pad clean.

    5.  When finished using the I Pad, put it away where it belongs.

    6.  Take turns using the I Pad.

    What about a passport/drivers license type of idea.  A little book with each 'care idea' in it.  While the students are learning how to care for the I Pad, they can carry the Passport around (lanyard or in pocket).  That way the visuals can be referred to when the students are learning the rules. 

    Brainstorm of Names for the Rules - Care Ideas,  I Pad License,  I Pad Passport, I Pad Safety,  I Pad Care ideas, I Pad Care guidelines.  I Pad Rulz,  I Pad acts, Keeping the I Pad safe, Keeping ourselves safe, IPadsafety, IPadCare, RadIPadCareIdea.  RadPadRulz.  Safebookrulz.  

  • Jenny Gosney (View all users posts) 31 Jul 2014 11:04am ()

    HI Everyone I agree with Roxy:

    From what I can see is there are two important factors: 

    1. Taking care when using your iPad (like in the poster that Vanessa shared) and
    2. Being safe when in an online environment (as Tara has shared)

    I have just spent some time with one of our SLTs Kay Solomon focusing on point one to start with (taking care of your iPad). Obviously all our children with specal needs have a huge range of abilities so compiling one poster (?) is never going to fit everyones requirements.

    We looked at a couple of questions:

    1. What images do we use?

    Initially we looked at the information that Vanessa posted from Heidi Songs. This gave good simple visual representaiton of the 'rules' for iPad use. Could this be as clearly represented usig Boardmaker or Proloquo2go symbols? After trialling a couple of the rules we decided that having purpose drawn images would really be ideal. Using symbols became too complicated to get some of the information in the rules across.

    Are we able to access an artist/graphic designer to create some images?


    2. Can we create a generic set of rules?

    When Kay and I looked at creating a generic set of rules it quickly became obvious that even in our setting and the differing levels of pupils meant that different rules would be required for each class. So maybe we can't create a generic poster but can we create a generic set of rules that teachers can cut and paste according to their class/pupil needs?

    So.... we began to write some rules to see if we could come up with a concise list of different rules options.

    1. Carry the iPad with 2 hands.

    2. Hold the iPad by the Base not the cover.

    3. Keep iPad away from water.

    4. Always sit down while using the iPad (can have two images one sitting on a chair and one on the floor)

    5. Put iPad carefully on the  table.

    6. Share nicely and stop when your turn is over.

    7. Put away safely. (Options: Put in bag. Zip up bag. Put in case. )

    8. Keep your screen clean. Ask Teacher.

    9. Have clean hands.

    10. Keep iPad charged. (plug it in).

    So this is a start would love feedback. I think the idea would be to have a set of rules that teachers can cut and paste the appropriate ones for their class/ student. I also agree with Roxy that an original kid friendly name for the 'rules' would be great.

    Next step is to start looking at digital citizenship and what that means for our guys.



  • Tara O'Neill (View all users posts) 30 Jul 2014 1:36pm ()

    Code Shack have invented a really cool system but it is very expensive to buy the programme or even to get them to take the programme. Basically, it is a sandbox system which allows the kids to experience what it would be like to have someone trying to get your name etc or put pressure on you in a social media environment.  The kids get to put into practice some of the safety rules they have been learning about in a safe environment.  Great for some of our kids.  If you want to find out more here is the link -  http://codeshack.co.nz/2012/04/10/new-zealands-get-savvy-programme-to-pilot-in-gisborne-april-16th-20th-2012/

  • Jenny Gosney (View all users posts) 30 Jul 2014 10:21am ()

    Awesome I am loving the feedback. I have printed out the safebook image and the poster from the Heidisongs webpage Vanessa put up. I like the idea of using the boardmaker images, keeping it simple so important but needs to look great..... I am going to take this information to my SLTs here at school and have a chat with them and try and draft something up... anyone got a friend who is a graphic designer??

    Also keen to explore digital citizenship and what that looks like for our students.

    Keep the chat going! getting heaps of good ideas from you all.


  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 2:32pm ()

    It's brilliant to have so much input here with many different resources and views on what this could look like.

    From what I can see is there are two important factors: 

    1. Taking care when using your iPad (like in the poster that Vanessa shared) and
    2. Being safe when in an online environment (as Tara has shared)

    I think both of these are important as it depends on where each individual student is at; their age, their level of independence or supervision required, what they will be using the iPad for, what behaviours we want to highlight for them.

    Accessibility is a key idea too. I wonder how can we design something as a whole using multiple means of representation but can also be personalized for individuals?

    Nathaniel I like your Safebook graphic because it is simple, clear and to the point.

    Trudi, I think the simplicity of what you have there is what Judy was originally trying to achieve. Four key values that “say it all”. 


    Some great ideas… keep them coming! 

  • Trudi Brocas (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 1:22pm ()

    What a great idea, I work in a Special School and am happy to help, We use board maker symbols for visual communication with students and find that clear simple messages work best .

    There is also a programme called Healthy Relationships - although this is based on a 'keeping ourselves safe' type of message/programme I like the set of 'rules' they have developed and wonder whether they could be transferred ...

    The rules are 

    - Okay with both 

    - Safe 

    - Not a secret

    - Allowed 


  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 12:53pm ()

    I'm not a SENCO and haven't had a huge amount to do with special needs students however my son is visually impaired so this is an area that I'm particularly interested in. I think the idea of a code of conduct for special education students is a great idea and something like this "safebook" image might be useful to consider.

    I wonder how a code of conduct can be created that is designed in such a way that the widest range of special education needs students can access it.

  • Tara O'Neill (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2014 1:23pm ()

    Cool Heather,   come on SENCO's don't be shy.  The magic of this site is many brains produce great ideas.

    I have contacted a Tech business in Gisborne, who have developed a keeping safe programme called "Get 

    Savvy".  I know about it because my two teenagers did the course a couple of years a go.  It is designed for special needs kids especially.  They will come and deliver the programme for "$18 per student" but I have asked them how much for the whole programme.  I think it would be interesting to look at it and what concepts they see as being important.  This is their business and they are a wonderful computer tech business who do lots of good for our community, but they do need to make money to live.  It will be interesting to see how much.  Has any one else been to or heard of similar courses around the country?  

  • Heather Bell (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2014 12:54pm ()

    My New Plymouth group of SENCos are meeting 21st August.  I'm going to put this on the agenda for them to create something workable so we'll see what we come up with.  Meanwhile their 'homework' is to follow this conversation (I've asked them to contribute already but they're shy :) and the links so please keep posting folks.

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