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BYOD Model

Started by Lorraine Vickery 03 Apr 2014 7:54pm () Replies (8)

Is anybody willing to share a strategic model they have developed while intergarting BYOD into their school? We are a large secondary decile 4 school. We are starting on the road to BYOD and are looking at ways to introduce it gradually, and consult with staff, students, community and BOT.


  • Carol-Lynn Hill (View all users posts) 25 Nov 2014 8:22pm ()

    I, too, would be very interested in not reinventing the wheel.  We are keen to go BYOD and want to phase this in across a few classes first of all.  Anyone willing to share?  mailto:cl@cambridgeprimary.co.nz

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 25 Nov 2014 9:48pm ()

    Hi Carol, Lorraine,

    It's no small task initiating a byod.  In fact its like opening a box, and finding 50 boxes inside!  : )

    There are some questions to work through first.   I'll categories my post into 'a' and 'b'

    a) are you going to allow students to bring their own device?(this is initially easier, but will result in larger problems down the track)  Will you manage their devices?  Install software on each?  Add another SSID (wifi access) with a password and student level filtering?  School insurance cover or individual?

    b) are you going to dictate what device they can bring?  School purchase them, and parents pay them off, or buy them in full?  Set up a trust separate to the school?  (this option is much easier from a school management point of view but brings your community into the conversation)


    But first, what will you use them for?  Don't take this the wrong way, and I'm not inferring that you haven't thought this through, but I see this a lot with schools.  They don't relate their purchases with the school vision and direction.  There needs to be an understand and purpose behind it why you want 1:1.  

    Unfortunately there is no one size fits all model.  It will depend on what your school wants to do with the 1:1 programme.   Perhaps visit a school close to you that has had a 1:1 for a number of years?  Ask questions and keep in touch with them along their journey.   Learning from their mistakes.

    Feel free to come and visit us in Ngatea.  Cambridge isn't too far away.   Have a look at what the students do, and look at how we manage the 1:1 for our 120 students that use them.. because that is the most important part of 1:1....  (We have been doing 1:1 from year 5-8 for 3 years.)   Or feel free to email or use hangouts with me, or some of our students. 


  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 27 Nov 2014 8:36am ()

    Hi Carol,

    I agree with Hamish in his questions. We have been / are on a similar journey with our senior school and are happy to share what we have learnt from our perspective. We are slightly behind Ngatea but but operate a 1:1 environment across 130 kids. We are at David St School in Morrinsville. Feel free to give us a call. Rob

  • Vicki Stephens (View all users posts) 27 Nov 2014 11:21am ()

    Hi Everyone,

    National Library Services to Schools has recently updated their BYOD information:

    I think you will find this a useful starting point.  The article outlines planning, policy, digital citizenship and practical considerations.


    Programme Adviser
    National Library Services to Schools

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2015 10:29am ()

    Hi all, thought you might be interested in this Thursday's LIVE free webinar, where Kate Friedwald is sharing the BYOD trial at Wairakei School.

    smiley WEBINAR: BYOD at Wairakei, April 30th, 3.45 - 4.45pm

    Audience: Primary and secondary school leaders or e-learning leaders with an interest in introducing BYOD into the classroom or wider organisation.

    Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students and staff bring a personally-owned device to school for the purpose of learning. Come join Kate Friedwald from Wairakei as she talks to us about all the wonders, whys and wherefores of trialing BYOD at Wairakei School. Kate will also be joined by a representative of the Connected Learning Advisory (Te Ara Whītiki)Please feel free to bring your own BYOD stories to share during this webinar.

    This webinar will be supported with a thread in the Technologies groupREGISTER NOW

  • Kane Boulton (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2016 3:54pm ()

    It will be interesting to access data from other countries regards BYOD, to see what is the trend? I like how your school Lorraine is 'introducing BYOD gradually'. There are key areas that need addressed.. student responsibility using devices and evidence of negative effects due to students being continually being 'connected' online with their own devices in class.

    I teach in a large Secondary school, where some students use their own devices. As a whole I finding it very beneficial, with the use of devices for completing internal assessments in class. However, I am interested with the effect on our students education with them being 'continually connected' on their own devices. Having their own device and access to student wifi enable students to be continually 'connected'. I do beleive the benefits outweighing the negatives, yet I believe a school needs to do their homework first.

    I was lucky to visit some Australian schools earlier in the year and a couple schools informed me they were heading away from BYOD.

    Yet, we know it is challenging for large secondary schools in NZ to be able to supply school devices for every student. School devices that would be able to  minimise the distraction and 'connectedness' of our students.

  • Nic (View all users posts) 04 Dec 2016 8:51pm ()

    To BYOD or not to BYOD? That is the question. Having recently attended the CORE education Strategic Planning workshop for schools in Lower Hutt, it strikes me that in the rush to respond to digital initiatives we are perhaps to readily accepting of the digital panacea. The tools provided were very helpful in provoking the consideration of our digital direction, but I am reminded that recent research asks us to question the efficacy of digitalising education to ensure that learning is still occurring. Too many schools seem to be rushing headlong into the BYOD or 'connected' environments without pause for a coordinated and reflective response to a fundamental question - is it causing learning?

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