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How are teachers using their interactive whiteboards in class?

Started by Leigh Hynes 01 Apr 2014 2:48pm () Replies (6)

In particular, how are they best used for writing


  • Abbie (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2014 7:28pm ()

    Writing: we've been doing descriptions of late. I have the image in the mimio file. We brainstorm our words all over it. I also use it as a space to put up graphic organisers and model their use (e.g. the truck one for descriptions), and self assessment etc. I've shown them my digital stories I make. They shoot up their digital work if they've been on the iPads creating. 

    There is a curtain function on most interactive whiteboards which allows you to zoom in on part of an image to get kids focussing in on the details. 

    I don't always stick to the specific whiteboard programme, and often head online to our class website where we have all sorts of embedded links/ maths songs/ topic related 'buttons' etc. 

    An awesome new entrant teacher at our school also used to use it to get her students to do their handwriting practice, and as an extra computer for reading eggs. 

    @Leigh...funky Friday writing is such a cool idea. I'll give that one a go!

    IWB writing IWB example - writing

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