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How are teachers using their interactive whiteboards in class?

Started by Leigh Hynes 01 Apr 2014 2:48pm () Replies (6)

In particular, how are they best used for writing


  • Miel (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 3:09pm ()

    Hi Leigh,

    I have one in my class and have had for the past 5 years. This yer I have decided to utilise it more as I don't feel I'm using it to it's full potential yet.

    I have started using the flip charts as my modelling books for maths and this is working well. I can set up the problems before hand and have links to the learning objects on the nz maths website hyperlinked for quick access. They have a lot of maths tools that are useful too.


    ive also started a new "funky friday writing" session with the class as a shared writing activity. I upload. Short funny youtube cartoon and the children are only allowed to watch it to just before the 'pivotal' mement. We have a discussion about what will happen next and together (me writing on the activeboard) we write what has happened so far. This is where I model certain writing skills e.g. Language features or a focus on speech marks etc. The class then write down what they think will happen next, ensuring they use whatever our days focus is. I allow them to watch the whole clip when they're done.

    I find the boys in particular love it. It's also there as a record of what we've done.

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