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How are teachers using their interactive whiteboards in class?

Started by Leigh Hynes 01 Apr 2014 2:48pm () Replies (6)

In particular, how are they best used for writing


  • Abbie (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2014 7:28pm ()

    Writing: we've been doing descriptions of late. I have the image in the mimio file. We brainstorm our words all over it. I also use it as a space to put up graphic organisers and model their use (e.g. the truck one for descriptions), and self assessment etc. I've shown them my digital stories I make. They shoot up their digital work if they've been on the iPads creating. 

    There is a curtain function on most interactive whiteboards which allows you to zoom in on part of an image to get kids focussing in on the details. 

    I don't always stick to the specific whiteboard programme, and often head online to our class website where we have all sorts of embedded links/ maths songs/ topic related 'buttons' etc. 

    An awesome new entrant teacher at our school also used to use it to get her students to do their handwriting practice, and as an extra computer for reading eggs. 

    @Leigh...funky Friday writing is such a cool idea. I'll give that one a go!

    IWB writing IWB example - writing

  • Brendon Stone (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 8:13pm ()

    We use the IWB as a collective writing diary to keep track of what we've been doing ( like a modelling book on steroids) eg writing models, organisational charts, starters, links to motivators.  I can also easily save the contents of the  flipcharts as pdf's or jpegs and put them on the class blog. It's also a great additional evidence tool. We also take pictures of kid's writing and put it on the IWB to share it.  Most kids love seeing their work on the 'big screen' and it's a real motivator for them.  We can then look over the writing as a class and talk more about what they see and what could be worked on.

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 6:15pm ()

    I use mine all day.  We start with interactive roll, where the children come and mobe their fish into the fish bowl, or leaf onto the tree, as I have Year 1 is good name recognition practise. Then roll which we do on here.  fitness from the just dance series on YouTube followed by a calendar. This has all sorts month with embedded month song, place value, time, Maori days, stats weather graph and we add to this over they day.  We still do hard copy big book and poem as found with the little ones havjng at lower level was easier. It will mix this up over the year.  

    Then the reading and maths rotation is one here and then it is one of our stations for both.  Then arvo is all about using is to produce charts around our kaupapa or look at embeded links on our topic.  Some flipcharts are from promethean and some I have made.  

    For writing have added a picture and then using the magnifying glass just show a small section and promotes discuss and then move it around or use the reveal tool to show a section.  

    Hope that helps. 

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 4:34pm ()

    Thank you, Miel, that is so useful.  Keep the ideas coming please all you lovely teachers out there.

  • Miel (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 3:09pm ()

    Hi Leigh,

    I have one in my class and have had for the past 5 years. This yer I have decided to utilise it more as I don't feel I'm using it to it's full potential yet.

    I have started using the flip charts as my modelling books for maths and this is working well. I can set up the problems before hand and have links to the learning objects on the nz maths website hyperlinked for quick access. They have a lot of maths tools that are useful too.


    ive also started a new "funky friday writing" session with the class as a shared writing activity. I upload. Short funny youtube cartoon and the children are only allowed to watch it to just before the 'pivotal' mement. We have a discussion about what will happen next and together (me writing on the activeboard) we write what has happened so far. This is where I model certain writing skills e.g. Language features or a focus on speech marks etc. The class then write down what they think will happen next, ensuring they use whatever our days focus is. I allow them to watch the whole clip when they're done.

    I find the boys in particular love it. It's also there as a record of what we've done.

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