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Hi for 2014

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Started by Janice Abo Ganis 28 Mar 2014 1:37pm () Replies (4)

I haven't used this site much but would be interested in talking with other VC teachers about tips and strategies for engaging studnets in this type of learning and for retaining momentum.





  • Madeline Campbell (View all users posts) 28 Mar 2014 2:29pm ()

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for starting a discussion:

    Pip McKenzie in Dunedin has been teaching VC Photography for some time, is part of this group, and may have some thoughts? (hope you don't mind me putting you 'on the spot' Pip!)

    Here's her VLN page - /profile/nzpmckenzie

    Anyone else? Teaching other senior visual arts subjects via video conference is beginning to grow too...



  • Janice Abo Ganis (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2014 4:33pm ()


    I am particularly itnerested in strategies to ensure studetns actually do the work. I had a few studetns who weren't motivated to do the work. How can i help them?


  • Madeline Campbell (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 6:09pm ()

    Make the most of the edeans - have them interview the student to establish why they aren't motivated - whats actually going on for the student. It may be that they need course counselling, and VC learning doesn't meet their needs or fit with their present understanding of what learning can be...

    I haven't taught visual arts via VC, but I teach art history via VC.

    Here's some of what I do to increase engagement and a sense of community in my class (which leads to greater motivation and sense of connection between students and to me as the teacher). I spend a lot of time establishing 'learning culture' and 'sense of community' before getting into class work. Teaching is as personalised as possible, students develop their own inquiry questions to answer etc... I talk about how and why they are learning equally alongside 'what' they are learning...

    Some ideas:

    Each student has an internet enabled laptop / device that they bring to the VC class with them (encourage edeans at their schools to help with this).


    I use Padlet a lot to get students collaborating during VC class in real time - for example, do an analysis of an image, students write notes on the padlet page analysing, and can see what each other is writing to develop their understanding quickly. You could set up a 'getting to know each other' page where students can share a bit about who they are and they learning goals / hopes for the year etc. Students could set up their own padlet page and upload completed work to it (digital diaries?) and share the link with you and other students in the class? Add notes with suggestions / next steps etc for student to read.

    Google Docs: have students set up a folder and share it with you as an editor - they upload their work (digital diary idea again), you can help them organise their work according to achievement standards with additional folders.

    'Realtime Board' is a google app that could be useful for students to establish their individual propositions then brainstorm ideas - I think they can be collaborative as well, students could add suggestions and ideas for each other.

    Exhibbit http://exhibbit.com/ is an online exhibition creating site - students can have their own gallery and curate exhibitions of their work and share them (it does cost, but is very slick and easy to use). 


    Hope these ideas trigger something for you - very 'tech' heavy I know, but collaborative/connective technologies really 'come into their own' when VC teaching. Students really like to get to know each other in VC classes too, if you can facilitate that. I also try and leverage the fact the VC class is flexible, I try to make it easy for students to make this flexibly timetabled course fit around their in school commitments which they appreciate.

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