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Christian Long interview on Nine-to-noon

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Started by Mark Osborne 28 Mar 2014 12:46pm () Replies (1)

Really nice interview with Christian Long from Nine-to-noon.

"Christian Long is the Co-Founder, of the Wonder Wonder studio and Prototype Design Studio, and he previously co-lead the The Third Teacher and design studio of CannonDesign. Christian is an educator, school planner, and passionate advocate for innovative learning communities. He is an advocate for the value of student collaboration in innovative school design."

Some good questions he asks:

  • What kinds of environments amplify our ability to work together?
  • How do I have access to information, the ideas, the resources, the mentors, teams I need just in time?
  • What are students going to need in terms of access to their team, a lecture, communities, a studio, a stage?
Good comments toward the end about the importance of movement to human beings and the importance of choosing furniture based on its ability to let people move or fidget and therefore maintain focus, rather than choosing it based on its ability to stack or its price.

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