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File management best practice in google docs ???

Started by Kararaina Luke 27 Mar 2014 3:30pm () Replies (11)

Kia ora all,  we are discussion how to best establish a managable file management structure across our school.


I set a folder to share team minutes with the team mebers and other senior staff across the school , then I leave the school and my email addy is deleted... what happens to the folders? We are assuming the folders are deleted as the owner has left...is that correct?

If so, is there a BEST practice protocol to establish shared folders across the school ???

Looking at team shared folders, School shared folders, Individual folders, studnets folders...

Does someone have a EASY model please???

thanks Kararaina,  Erana, Jo 


  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2014 3:52pm ()

    When a user is in the process of being deleted by the system admin there is an option (link) than comes up:

    "Transfer ownership of this user's documents to another user"
    When clicked you get the option of which user to transfer them to - either a staff member or set up a staff dummy account called staffleaver@ which senior staff can log in to etc
    That is the best way around probably.
    Also, you do not need to delete them off the system straight away - ie use let the staff member first use google takeout (https://www.google.com/settings/takeout) to download what they need and transfer to any personal Gmail Account.
    Hope that helps.
  • Daniel C (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2014 4:06pm ()

    Cool! hadn't heard of takeout before. I always feel a little bad when deleting someones account in case they hadn't cleaned it out properly yet.

  • Kararaina Luke (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 5:51pm ()

    thank you Mark for your feedback.We will add these ideas to our thinking pot. Setting up a dummy user makes sense then the school owns the generic folders. 

    Take out is great too ... again many thanks 

  • Daniel C (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2014 4:05pm ()

    Kia ora Kararaina,  Erana and Jo

    I'm not going to be so bold as to say what I do is 'best practice'...

    but here's how I managed this issue:

    Create a ghost login under your domain e.g. admin@suchandsuch.school.nz
    This one will never be deleted as it's not a real person... that the IT manager/unit holder looks after

    Now that user creates a folder in their drive... lets call in 'cloud server' or whatever you like.
    Share that folder (with full permissions) with every teacher in the school. As new staff members join the school add them into it, and as they leave do nothing... just delete their email addresses as usual. 

    The end users can then create new folders such as in your example WITHIN that cloud server folder.
    This way if I create a folder and save my minutes, then quit and my email is deleted it doesn't matter because the file is actually saved to admin@suchandsuch.school.nz's google drive... not my own - I just have access to it.

    This also uncomplicates the sharing process as it's always a major pain sharing lots of different directories with new users and hard to keep track of what they've got and what they haven't. Using this method you only ever have to share 1 folder with them and they've got everything.

    There is an added bonus to this model and thats the gigabyte allowance Google gives you. If I create a shared folder on my account and share it with the staff and they add big files, that counts to MY allowance because its MY file... even though its not my stuff. With the above method, it all counts to 'admin' gigabyte allowance so the school just buys more storage space for that 1 ghost user as needed.

    The only time the above method isn't appropriate is where you want some people to have access but not others. I negotitate this by also creating some other folders on the 'admin' account such as 'team leaders' 'principals and DP's' and 'BOT' or whatever applies in your situation. Then those folders can just be shared to the appropriate people to store things that others shouldn't have access to, e.g. appraisals etc (amazing how many of those are stored on a open access server!)

    So in summary I'd recommend three layers:

    1: school wide 'server' folder - cloud server: everyone has access, owned by admin account
    2: confidential folder - various names: only for files that need to be kept confidential from all staff
    3: personal google drive - 'mydive': day to day files just for the end user that others don't need access to. The only thing that gets deleted with your email address.

  • Kararaina Luke (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 5:52pm ()

    thank you daniel for your comprehensive feedback. we like the three layers and the rational behind the approach.

  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2014 4:36pm ()

    I do like aspects of this method and agree in part. Great for sharing etc however, the creator of a document is still the owner of the document as I understand it. Even if they create and drag a document into a shared folder they still own the document unless they take the deliberate action of changing the ownership of the document to the folder owner. 

    Do correct me if I am wrong.

    This would mean that if I am a staff member and I drag a whole lot of files into a shared folder as you suggest and they are accessible to everyone and I end up leaving and you delete my account. Then would not those documents disappear as i am still the owner of the documents? 

  • Jon Keelty (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2014 4:48pm ()

    Yes, that's correct, Mark. You need to make the "admin" user the OWNER. There can be only one... so share a duplicate if you want to control the original!


  • Daniel C (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2014 11:31am ()

    Hi Again,

    On further inspection of my method you're exactly right Mark... The user remains owner of the documents even in a shared folder owned by an admin account.
    Glad I posted otherwise I'd have run into issues later on in the piece!

    I still like my method but agree, upon deleting a user you need to transfer ownership of important files using transferring of ownership to a holding account to work around its flaw.

    Cheers Mark,

  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 09 Apr 2014 7:00pm ()

    If you locate them into the one folder then you also can back up that one folder to a local machine to give a little more security. I have one admin account folder as suggested at the top level, under that folders like: senior management, all staff, ictadmin etc each with their own approproate permissions and sharing. Thus all these can be backed up in one go from the top folder.

  • A.Vermeulen (View all users posts) 09 Apr 2014 10:11pm ()

    I believe that the best solution to organising the education Google realm is to bite the bullet and pay for teacher dashboard....the only way to really manage files and the easiest way to monitor students Google accounts,set whole class or team documents and also link into blogs....it is safe and documents can be loaded without needing emails to be attached. Cost for our school is $4 per student.


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