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Effective Teaching - What's happening in my child's classroom?

Effective teaching booklet ERO has published some booklets to help parents ask questions at school about the learning and wellbeing of their child. The most recent booklet, Effective Teaching - What's happening in my child's classroomfocuses on effective teaching, and includes questions parents can use when discussing their child’s progress with the school. It is also designed so that, "...teachers may also find the questions useful to reflect on their practice."

This booklet certainly provides a lot of in-depth questions, inviting some very rich dialogue between teachers, as well as parents/teachers. I'm just not sure how many parents/whānau would feel comfortable asking these questions of their child's teacher? 

With that in mind, how could we provide answers to these questions - before the questions are even asked? How might we provide evidence of effective teaching and learning using a range of technologies, so that parents/whānau can get a window on the world of their child's learning - anytime, anyhow, anywhere?

More from ERO @  Asking the right questions at school.


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 05 Mar 2015 4:22pm ()

    There are some fantastic resources around to support learning between home and school. No doubt these resources are being shared with parents, caregivers and whānau during parent/child/teacher interviews too.

    Another good one is this Ministry resource for parents: Supporting your Child's learning which has pages with information and tips on getting involved in your child's reading, writing and mathematics learning while they are in years 1-8.

    What do you share with parents, so they can support you to help their child's learning at home?

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