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Apple Configurator Errors

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Started by Kirsty 17 Mar 2014 10:01pm () Replies (6)

Hi everyone

I have 130+ iPads that I am in charge of updating at school and I am running into a number of issues which stop the iPad from updating correctly.  I am also losing paid apps.  Firstly when i go to connect the iPad to the computer with configurator it wont let me and says the device is unable to connect.  The only way I have managed to get around this is by reseting and erasing all content on the iPad.  The second problem is I am continously getting the error code 5306 which says that it wants me to enter the itunes password.  I have got around this by closing configurator and reopening it.  My last issue I have spent hours on the phone to apple about.  I get the error code 9517 and it says that the app cannot be redeemed.  This I cannot solve.  Apple has sent me more codes to replace the lost ones but then the next time I update it happens again.  Has anyone come across this before?  Are people using a different MDM systems?  I am wasting hours and hours because of these issues.  Thanks


  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 17 Mar 2014 10:33pm ()

    I think you need to reassess the model you are using: one person plugging in 130+ iPads to perform updates using Configurator is not sustainable IMHO.  

    You don't mention whether this quantity is for a 1:1 or a shared deployment.  For a 1:1, you need to be making the user responsible for day to day updates.  If it is not, then you have pretty much the worst situation: a large number of iPads being used outside the manner for which they were intended (a personal device).  Putting this aside, a modern MDM is probably a necessity in your situation.  This will have a cost, but it appears so does your current arrangement.   The day-to-day use of this MDM you should know about, but you should not waste your valuable (presumably teaching) time figuring out how to set one up: the process changes all the time and there is no value in you knowing it.  I see this mistake frequently in these forums.



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