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Anybody here?

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Started by Nikkie 15 Mar 2014 8:14pm () Replies (5)

Hi all, I've been watching this thread for a long time hoping there would be some discussion. It's so quiet I thought I might as well ask. Smile

We are very close to deploying Office 365 in our school and I'm hoping there are some other schools out there who might be able to join us on the next phase of making this all work for us.

What features and functions are you using most? Which aspects did you develop first with staff? With students?

We have lots of ideas but now need to develop these into a practical plan. Would love to see and/or hear about what some of you are doing already. Equally keen to hear from anyone just starting out on this journey.



  • Melody McC (View all users posts) 15 Mar 2014 9:45pm ()

    Hi we use Office 365 as a school and have BYOD in place as well. It is great for sharing documents amongst students and for enabling them to access word, excel and one note from any device without needing those on their devices.

    I use one note and its tabs as a quick way to organise records.

  • Nikkie (View all users posts) 16 Mar 2014 10:07pm ()

    Thanks for replying Melody, glad to hear how this is being used in your school. How was Office 365 introduced in your school? Did you develop one aspect at a time? Or was it more flexible approach?

  • Nikkie (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2014 9:21pm ()

    Thanks for sharing your ideas Carla, this definitely gives me a few more ideas. I appreciate the insights into how this is managed too (logins etc). I hope the implementation at your school goes smoothly. Have you visited any other 365 schools to see what they are up to?

  • Arnika Brown (View all users posts) 24 Mar 2014 11:21am ()

    Hi Nikkie and Carla,

    Funnily enough I was one of the first ones to ask about Office365 in this Group and never had a reply.

    Now my job this year is to do complimentary PD for schools using Office365, Windows 8 etc.

    I have been on leave from my teaching position since October last year and have loved being in this national role seeing the amazing things schools are doing.

    In relation to Office 365 - a lot of schools are starting with the OneDrive (SkyDrive) as Carla mentioned schools are using this as a sharing, storing and collaborative space. Also OneNote is a great tool for record of learning and assesment etc.

    I did all of my planning in OneNote in Term 3 last year. This meant I had access to it anytime, anywhere and didn't need to lug my planner around with me.

    We also had a whole class space where I uploaded all my planning for the students and they had hyperlinks to activities etc and this was also a place we stored photos and documents so the students had easy access to them for their work.

    What area are you in? I may be able to recommend some schools for you to visit or chat with?

    I would love to come and work with you face to face and show you through the possibilities of how you can use Office 365 effectively for your teaching and learning. As I say I am very lucky as it is complimentary for schools...no charge :)

    I am more than happy to continue to add to this post and you can email me on arnika.brown@cyclone.co.nz and we could set up a time to meet.

    Looking forward to hearing how it is all going.

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