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Part one: Personalising learning | a historical perspective

Someone said to me today, there’s a reason why Personalising learning is number 1 theme in the paper on, Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching — a New Zealand perspective.

It made me realise, Personalising learning is one paradigm (of many) that permeates through a lot of what we’re trying to do in education today - whether it be infusing e-tools into classroom programmes, introducing 1-1 initiatives or unpacking a vision for learning, that translates to pedagogical practices in Modern Learning Environments.

In order to re-think the term, personalisation, we need to move away from 'one size fits all’ (Industrial model), so that systems and ways of teaching suit the learner, “rather than the learner being required to fit with the system.” Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching — a New Zealand perspective, page 3.

Systems such as, what sits in a teacher’s head (historical understandings), teaching methodologies (learned ways of working, management, delivery style, use of resources) and what a school has come to adopt as ‘normal’, acceptable, expected ways of working (organisational).

Before we can unpack Personalising learning, we need to acknowledge how the past - influences our current thinking.  In this presentation, Mary-Anne Murphy has summarised key understandings and influences from the Pre-industrial age (pre-mid 1700s) through to the Knowledge age (digital age).

Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching — a New Zealand perspective, acknowledges, even though focusing on individualised learning needs is something good teachers have done for years, it argues that the concept of personalisation is more complex now, and the tension lies between 'shallow' and 'deep' expressions of practice. It notes, “we are not yet seeing the kinds of “deep personalisation’ which calls for major systems-level shifts." (Page  17).

What systems (ways of thinking, ways of working) have been adopted over time, that could possibly benefit from a re-think or some tweaking in your school?

What conversations would you have (or have had already) with your learning community, to initiate major systems-level shifts?

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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2014 10:55am ()

    Personalising learning is a term that challenges what we've previously thought about 'knowledge', 'learning processes' and how we go about teaching these. So, what exactly is Personalising learning in the 21st Century context and how have e-learning tools and pedagogies influenced this? 

    imageCome and join Mary-Anne Murphy (LwDT Facilitator) and Rachel Bolstad (NZCER, co-author of Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching — a New Zealand perspective) in our LIVE WEBINAR as we discuss new understandings around Personalising learning, and explore how shifting the 'Locus of Control' can transpire into classroom practice. 

    This is a fantastic opportunity to talk with those, who help inspire, challenge and model new thinking in this area. Feel free to invite your whole staff along too. REGISTER NOW http://bit.ly/VkJZ9t.

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