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Using ICT in reporting processes

Started by Tracey Schumacher 02 Mar 2014 7:25pm () Replies (14)

Hi All,

I have been fortunate in getting a sabbatical in term 3 - lucky me!

 I am wanting to find out how others are using ICT in their reporting to parents.  I'm not meaning using the computer to write reports ( we already do that) or using an SMS or LMS to create student reports....I'm wondering if anyone is using ICT in creative ways to report student progress to family and whanau.

Would love to hear from anyone!  Thanks


  • Lisa (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2014 7:56pm ()


    My senior students all use a google doc presentation that they do a fortnightly report home to their parents. This is obviously shared to myself and to their parents. So far it has been very successful, and parents are able to feed back straightaway. It isn't a big deal , just a statement around the core areas, plus the social skills and how students have gone.

    We also use a keynote for our 3 way conferences , where students work on a presentation to share with their parents once a year. This is then also shared via a google doc so parents have a constant reminder of what their child is wokring on. 

    Not fancy but works well. 

  • Tracey Schumacher (View all users posts) 21 Jul 2014 2:10pm ()

    Thanks for your reply way back in March Lisa. We are getting into Goggle Docs and it sounds like something our seniors could do too.  I like the idea of the presentation for the 3 way confs too. 

  • LouiseField (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2014 8:13pm ()


    I use google docs to comment to students' personal reflections and evaluations. Some students are maintaining effective e-portfolios where they post work they've completed, and I comment to them here as well. This one works better with more capable students, as they have a clear understanding of the process of uploading evidence themselves. I have tried it "enmasse" but that can get a little frustrating with students who aren't confident with working on devices independently.

  • Simon (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2014 8:16pm ()

    Kia ora Tracey,

    Looks like an interesting project. I would like to know  how schools use technology to report to parents/whanau  of English language learners (ELLs). How do they inform parents and colleagues about progress using the English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP)?

    Ngā mihi




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  • Justine Hughes (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2014 9:18pm ()

    Hi Tracey

    I've been really lucky in being able to develop software for teaching and learning to strengthen home and school partnerships for exactly what you write about here.  I'm a teacher and wanted an easy-to-use tool that made a difference to teaching and learning.

    My class and I developed MyChatPack which is a video tool where students or teachers are able to write a script which runs as an autocue as they reccord their videos.  Fantastic for building confidence at all levels and especially good for ESOL students.  The teacher can write a script and record the video - modelling correct language structure (students have a visual and aural model) and then the students can record their own ones back - practising writing in the language as well as speaking it and hearing how they sound.

    One of the main uses for this is to share learning with the local and global communities.  It's been used so far for students to show their understanding of numeracy strategies, sharing writing, book sellls, explaining their thinking about science experiments - self-assessment - and more.

    Videos less than a minute can be emailed home - and open in an email along with any supporting documents - and longer videos can be embedded elsewhere via Drive.

    Have a look and see what you think - http://www.mychatpack.co.nz/  You can trial it here to and see what you think.  Not a sales pitch, I just love the potential it has to create genuine shared learning between home and school.


  • Hamish Chalmers (View all users posts) 03 Mar 2014 11:44am ()

    Parent portal to your SMS? I forget who set ours up but after it's going the main job is getting parents to use it.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2014 10:08am ()

    These conversations are a great prompt, thank you Tracey for starting this and everyone else for contributing ideas and technology-based solutions.

    I found this video from Enabling e-Learning particularly powerful, where Hillcrest Normal have used iPads to 'teach' the parents about processes for archiving learning through image, video and text in blogs. Having the parents become part of the process has encouraged them to engage with the class blogs more too.

    Engaging parents in learning through technology

    The 'reporting' to parents has become more about learning conversations, as a two-way process. Michelle Macintyre says,

    We found that our blog has become a portal for parents to interact with and its not just a showcase of steps of their learning its become a real e-portfolio where we’re showing progress, they can come and they build on it so if you’ve taken a photo later they can go back and add another comment to it that it’s a process and it’s a work in progress.


    Tracey, you might also be interested in more conversations about ways to connect with parents/whānau and the wider community here:

    and Media gallery videos  from Enabling e-Learning | Beyond the Classroom here: 

    I'm certain there are educators in those threads and media clips, that woudn't mind being contacted directly for more stories too. Smile

  • Kelly Faulkner (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2014 10:33am ()

    hi tracy. i'm not sure this is fancy or anything, as most of my parents are not tech savvy. however, one of my goals is good parent-teacher communication throughout the year. on the first day i send a letter home where parents can choose when and how i contact them. i then send out a weekly email/text with homework as well as that week's learning goals, and reply to parents as messages come through.
    i keep a wiki with class materials on it so parents can see what i am talking about (as well as a copy in student data so students have access to material they may have lost, but can't get online).

    i've had very good feedback from parents about weekly communication and heads up - particularly from my tutor class, which is more pastoral-based, but also my junior and year 11 student parents (parents of older students don't seem too fussed). i just started doing this last year, and it is not nearly so scary ringing parents up these days, because we've been in constant communication for both positive and negative (if applicable) reasons all year.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 06 Mar 2014 9:20am ()

    Here's a great post from Megan Peterson (4/3/2014), Conferencing – a new, more appropriate way to report on learning? with a perspective from Hobsonville Point Secondary School, about ways to personalise learning with 'powerful partnerships' between learning coaches, students, parents and whānau.

    Parents and families are getting regular, meaningful and useful information about the secret life of schools and everything that they receive is targeted to their student

  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 08 Mar 2014 8:04pm ()

    This is regarding an earlier post about reporting to parents - after some feedback from the ministry it is not a good idea to share NSN numbers online, even if the names are not disclosed and all other data is protected - In light of this I will revert to using the school issued student number, unless anyone has any other ideas of sharing data anonymously and simply - I was trying to avoid sharing individual folders with a tracking document in it with parents, as well as creating a script that would copy data from my online markbook to that document as it was updated?

  • Tracey Schumacher (View all users posts) 10 Mar 2014 5:39pm ()

    Thanks everyone...has certainly given me a great starting point and food for thought :)

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