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How do we know we are improving home school school partnerships?

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Started by Allanah King 07 Aug 2011 10:56am () Replies (8)

So if our goal is to improve home school partnerships how can gauge how successful we are are doing it?


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2011 8:06am ()

    This is a great question, Allanah. Can you directly ask them? - a wee survey, or discussion with parents might help you find out how parents feel about, use and value the blog, how it is shared at home, what parents might want in the future.

    A bigger question might be: what are we looking for when we talk about 'parental/whānau engagement'? Perhaps there are different levels of engagement: reading but not commenting; discussing posts with their children at home; making affirming comments on the blog; asking direct, learning questions on the blog; sharing the link with others...

    I also wonder, when I look at discussions such as this one about deliberately supporting students to blog,  whether families also benefit from a deliberate process. Maybe some parents want to comment but are not sure how?

    It's a great question to be ponderingSmile

  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 15 Aug 2011 9:11am ()

    Would a survey work? Or ask the students to interview their parents with a set of questions they've worked on together? There's a great tie-in for maths with data analysisWink

  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 15 Aug 2011 10:09am ()

    It doesn't have to be a survey. Start with the focus then break it down. I wonder if you need to start with your aims: why do you want parents to get involved with the blog? What are you hoping it will achieve?e.g. Greater awareness of learning? Active involvement in learning discussions?...and what would this look like?

    ...then turn it into a main question: e.g. To what extent are the parents interacting with learning via the blog?

    ...Then start to frame some sub-questions that would lead to answering that question

    e.g. how often do they read it? how do they know there's a new post? what do they enjoy seeing? have they posted? why/why not?

    ...I'm sure we could add to this....I'll look at the Google doc, too. I guess it's like a wee action research projectWink but it also depends on how important this is to spend time on.

    Anyone else?

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