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Tvs in the classroom - wall mounted or mobile?

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Started by Sam Hamilton 28 Feb 2014 12:11pm () Replies (7)

Hi all, we're looking at getting tv's in our class.  Just wondering what people think about wall mounted TV vs mobile tv on a stand.

If tv's on stands, what stands are people going for?  I've seen a few via Sitech and wondering what it's like.



  • Tim Kong (View all users posts) 03 Mar 2014 9:28am ()

    All of what follows is personal opinion.


    LED technology is usually brighter, and colours are a bit more cartoony. Plasma's traditionally not as bright, but better black levels and thus more accurate colour. Plasmas usually have a bit more glare off their glass screens. I chose a plasma for my home setup, 

    In classroom situation, the LED brightness wins. But most LED screens are so thin - you'll want to supplement with external speakers to boost the audio. Flat screen wall mounts are cheaper and more secure - but obviously you'll need to design your classroom around them to some extent. I find that wall mounts with angle arms take up more physical space, and are not regularly used to move the panel, so don't warrant the extra cost. When I was pricing them - movable extender mounts for any panel larger than 50" were about $800.  But your mileage may vary. 
    Commercial grade panels are great - if you want to be using them all the time. Think the display panels at Mcdonalds or in hospitals. They have a longer life and are more robust than display panels made for home use. Again they won't have audio built in - so you'll need to budget for speakers.
    We use Videopro for most all of our equipment - and they give good advice and can supply useful options. 

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