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Tvs in the classroom - wall mounted or mobile?

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Started by Sam Hamilton 28 Feb 2014 12:11pm () Replies (7)

Hi all, we're looking at getting tv's in our class.  Just wondering what people think about wall mounted TV vs mobile tv on a stand.

If tv's on stands, what stands are people going for?  I've seen a few via Sitech and wondering what it's like.



  • gavinc (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2014 12:31pm ()

    We have wall mounted our SMART Tvs and this has been successful. The important things to assess are where they put in relation to sun ect in each class and making sure that each child can see the screen easily. It is much more cost effective to have them wall mounted too. Hope this helps.

  • VanessaL (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2014 12:39pm ()

    Hi Sam,

    In the English dept we had tv's on a trolley that we could move from room to room as needed. They were a pain -to be big enough for students to watch they had to be quite big.  What we had was big, old and cumbersome.  The stands were movable trolleys and often the wheels would go flat due to their weight, and unsuitability for the job.  A couple of years ago we got projectors installed, which hang from the ceiling, and connect to our laptops.  They are great for using with DVD's, any interactive stuff, youtube clips etc.  They can also be connected to a separate DVD player if wanted.  Right now in fact, my class is reviewing snippets of a visual text while I am typing this to you.  Multi-tasking has never been easier.  The only thing I would suggest though, is that if you go for this type of system, think closely about the class layout, as it can be limiting in future setups.

    Hope this helps.

    Vanessa Lumley

  • Peter Holmstead (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2014 1:28pm ()

    We have TVs in all rooms. They are wall mounted on swivel arms so can be positioned to avoid sun, or to swing between a desk area and mat area. We got our mounts from Jaycar.

    Another benefit over mobile stands is that you know your TV will be there, rather than borrowed by someone. Also harder to steal if you have a break-in.

    If you are connecting to laptops regularly, invest in an HDMI cable/adapter rather than using the older VGA 'D' connector. More reliable and carries sound as well as video.

  • Tim Kong (View all users posts) 03 Mar 2014 9:28am ()

    All of what follows is personal opinion.


    LED technology is usually brighter, and colours are a bit more cartoony. Plasma's traditionally not as bright, but better black levels and thus more accurate colour. Plasmas usually have a bit more glare off their glass screens. I chose a plasma for my home setup, 

    In classroom situation, the LED brightness wins. But most LED screens are so thin - you'll want to supplement with external speakers to boost the audio. Flat screen wall mounts are cheaper and more secure - but obviously you'll need to design your classroom around them to some extent. I find that wall mounts with angle arms take up more physical space, and are not regularly used to move the panel, so don't warrant the extra cost. When I was pricing them - movable extender mounts for any panel larger than 50" were about $800.  But your mileage may vary. 
    Commercial grade panels are great - if you want to be using them all the time. Think the display panels at Mcdonalds or in hospitals. They have a longer life and are more robust than display panels made for home use. Again they won't have audio built in - so you'll need to budget for speakers.
    We use Videopro for most all of our equipment - and they give good advice and can supply useful options. 
  • LouiseField (View all users posts) 03 Mar 2014 9:59am ()

    I happen to have a smaller LED tv(32 inch) in my room, as it was a spare one from home. Not ideal size for a full class, but I have it situated in a "lounge" type set up with couches, so it's ok. Apple tv has been great, as my kids are often creating music and video on the laptops. Sharing wirelessly from spaces throughout my music quite has proven a great way to quickly check if they are on the right track.

  • belindacowie (View all users posts) 14 Mar 2014 9:36pm ()

    We have just started our ipad journey.  Two of our classes have tvs on the back of our teaching stations.  The teaching stations are on wheels so can easily be turned around and moved around the room if necessary.  Works well

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