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  • A simple practicality - locking devices away during breaks?

A simple practicality - locking devices away during breaks?

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Started by Carol Kendall 19 Feb 2014 8:51pm () Replies (5)

A lot of schools indicate that BYOD devices are locked away in cupboards during breaks etc. How many of you are doing this? How practical is it to manage a system like this? Does the teacher do it, or students themselves, or...? What if the teacher is away and there is a reliever? Keys get mislaid.... Just wondering how you're find this working in reality, in a busy classroom. I'm thinking about this for primary school students, and I'm keen for your thoughts.


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 05 Jun 2014 10:15am ()

    I can see a few reasons why it would be beneficial to lock devices;

    1. Security - 'light fingered wanderers'
    2. Safety of devices - less chance of been knocked off a desk
    3. Internet Safety - some schools may prefer to have students offline during break times.
    4. Charging bay- (though ideal for students to charge devices at home...)

    Depending on the above needs, I think other solutions could work, such as Wireless networks locking students out of the network during break times.

    I have seen some horribly expensive solutions! If the need is for a 'home' for devices without charging facilities, I believe cheap plastic file boxes - along with locking the classroom - is an adequate solution. Definitely beats chucking devices to the bottom of a desk or school bag!





  • Ross Hastings (View all users posts) 27 Feb 2014 3:36pm ()


    We are an intermediate school trying to find a solution to security for devices that doesn't involve teachers needing to take responsibility for locking and unlocking cabinets etc. We also want to avoid lockers and all the issues associated with them. I was wondering if anyone has seen or tried to develop individual lockable tote trays? We think they could become a valuable piece of furniture in a modern learning environment.

  • Jenna-Eve Foley (View all users posts) 19 Feb 2014 9:43pm ()

    We have purpose built lockable cabinets that the devices are stored in. Teachers have responsibility of keys and locking away.    There is also a spare key for the cupboards that I keep as I am tic of relief so I manage this if the classroom teacher is away.  We have found that this works well in our year 3-6 classes. 

  • Justine Brock (View all users posts) 19 Feb 2014 9:09pm ()

    Hi Carol

    I have seen schools that lock the devices away in a cupboard and students often play a part in locking and unlocking them away.  It seems to be a routine that the children get used to.  I have also worked in schools that lock classrooms during break times - usually due to people with light fingers wandering through the school rather than anyone within the school.  Locking the classroom can work well but it depends on the physical set up of the school and access to toilets...

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