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Disposable Wipes

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Started by Susan McMillan 18 Feb 2014 6:11pm () Replies (10)

Does anyone know of a source of disposable wipes that could be used to wipe down an ipad after use. I travel with an ipad and would like some cheap, convenient way of cleaning the ipad after each child has used it. I have been to Noel Leemings but they have nothing other than suggesting a spray and wipe system which I suppose I may have to resort to if nothing else is available.


  • Melissa Moore (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 6:46pm ()

    I use a microfibre cloth (from the supermarket), the ones designed to clean glass. They are very effective on finger prints, and sustainable!

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 6:56pm ()

    You can get bottles of glass cleaner from your optician for cleaning glasses for around $10 which will last you ages. Use a microfibre cloth as suggested, which you can get from many sources. Like all things concerned with electronics, you always spray on the cloth, not the equipment. Same method of cleaning can also be used on laptop screens.

  • Kathryn (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 7:59pm ()

    Optician cleaning fluid is 50% meths, 50% water

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 8:32pm ()

    You're buying the wrong stuff! - meths has oils. Should be around 60% isopropyl alcohol and 40% water or if quality stuff, water and SAS-60 (Sodium C14-17 Alkyl Sulfonate), Potassium Lauryl Phosphate. In the amounts you should be using, this shouldn't cause an issue. I will stand to be corrected on using this but this advice came from an Apple technician and I've been using it for years without any issues that I am aware of.

  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 8:37pm ()

    Yay,  thankyou for this.  We have a noro virus breakout in our small local community at the moment.  I have been looking for a cheap supply of keyboard cleaner today.  Now I will just give the science teacher your recipie!  I want keyboards cleaned after each user to try to reduce the strong liklihood everyone has to have time off in the next 10 days.  Is this stuff ok for screens as well?  Tablets?  ipads?

  • Larraine Barton (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 9:41pm ()

    I'm pretty sure you won't find that in a science department, or if you do, that it's not listed in the allowable chemicals register. Having said that, where can we access some?

  • Angela Lee (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 7:31pm ()

    we use screen cleaning wipes from office max come in packs of about 100 I think, individual wraps. we use their antibacterial wipes for cases. Same system we use for teacher laptops and class computers seems to work ok :)

  • Susan McMillan (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 8:31pm ()

    Thanks for that Angel. I shall investigate. As an itinerant I really wanted something I could use and biff so to speak as I'm already laden down with "stuff'. That sounds like what I"m after.

  • Susan McMillan (View all users posts) 18 Feb 2014 8:33pm ()

    Sorry Angela:)

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