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New challenge: Finish this sentence....

Welcome to the new members that joined us over the holidays and those who have stayed the course Smile 

Here's a new challenge, finish this sentence:

  • This year I plan to use [>>INSERT TECHNOLOGIES HERE<<] to help transform learning by…..


  • Philippa Nicoll (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 2:45pm ()

    This year I plan to use Social Media (i.e. Edmodo and Twitter) to help transform learning by making it ubiquitous and accessible.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 14 Feb 2014 6:47pm ()

    This year I plan to use Book Creator and iTunes Connect to help transform learning by giving my writers an authentic audience through publishing their writing in the iBooks Store.

    I've shared our goal with the kids and now with you guys so there is no backing out now :-)

  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 15 Feb 2014 2:28pm ()

    This year I plan to use my problem solving skills and limited ict support knowledge to keep the computer network and BYOD wifi working so that learning can continue to be transformed for all!  

    Big success with voluntary BYOD.  Nearly all our year 7 - 10 students have devices at school.  Most of the year 11 -13 and some year 5&6.  Now I have to upskill the teachers in how they can use more than Google Apps to transform learning. Of minor issue is the hours I have to spend approving their devices and hooking them up to work on the Loops wifi.   Having successfully avoided the job of ICT coordinator for the first 15 years of my teaching I am now it!  Ict coordinator is just as much of a nightmare job as I always knew it would be.  I now sleep, eat and workCry.  Hopefully it all calms down as the beginning of the year stuff gets done.

    In the classroom I plan to use social media to increase my students collaboration with each other, New Zealanders and globally.  We are starting with Digitween and ending the term with Learnz.

  • Kelly Faulkner (View all users posts) 15 Feb 2014 7:37pm ()

    ok...this year i plan to use google presentations to help transform learning by allowing the student to learn through teaching.

    my school is starting an (unannounced) byod programme w/wireless, so i am keen to see how it rolls out. my building does not have wireless access, but i have jury-rigged our laptop trolley to give the four english rooms in the building wireless Wink

  • Catherine Straman (View all users posts) 15 Feb 2014 11:43pm ()

    This year I plan to use 'google drive' and associated 'google tools' to help transform learning as it will provide more engaging practice and assessment opportunities to students studying Te Reo Maori. I will utilise online document sharing, document comment/feedback tools including live chat and recording apps which allow teachers to leave feedback for students on progress and assessments The written or verbal feedback is attached to the students google drive document so that they can listen to it and have better feedback on their progress - exciting!

  • Rachel S. (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 3:15pm ()

    This year I plan to use Microsoft Sharepoint to share E-Learning ideas with colleagues, via a blog. I hope to get my students blogging thru Sharepoint also, to encourage communication with their teachers and get some curriculum of 'thought' going, through personal reflection.

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