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Blended e-learning in Mathematics

Started by Alison Middelkoop 12 Feb 2014 7:45am () Replies (10)


We are just about to begin BYOD for our Year 9's at BHS and are looking at blended e-learning ideas for Mathematics. I have started a google doc of possible ideas of using e-learning with classes. If anyone would like to contribute  then feel free to add to it....


Some staff are nervous about this sort of change but I am trying to convince them that it is easy to blend a bit of technology in with traditional teaching at this stage to enhance and motivate students. If any one is using a lot of e-learning in their junior Mathematics teaching in Christchurch then would it be possible to arrange a visit or meeting to exchange ideas?


  • Vanitha Govini (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 7:58am ()

    Kia ora Alison, This is a great step for your school. I am unable to access your google doc as it is 'view only.' Look forward to hearing your stories during this journey. Regards. Vanitha

  • Alison Middelkoop (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 8:22am ()

    Sorry, about that - I have hopefully changed that access now so that anyone who has the link can edit......please let me know if it still doesn't work.


  • Vanitha Govini (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 8:32am ()

    Thanks Alison.Just included some ideas. Enjoy this great learning journey. Good luck!

  • Ben Hilliam (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 9:02am ()

    Exciting times ahead

  • Juliet Jones (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 8:23pm ()

    Hi Alison, I've just added my two cents to your google doc.  It is hard with maths, as the ipad doesnt lend itself particularly well to maths.  I'm teaching a Y10 ipad class this year (1st year for me, 2nd for them) and it is a bit daunting, but the kids have it sorted!  During last year (our first with the ipad for our school) we learnt that a lot of our math topics still had to be paper driven (or at least worksheets pdf'ed onto the devices), so this year the kids have write-on workbooks as well, and we will just supplement/reinforce the learning with activities like the ones listed on the google.doc rather than ambitionly thinking we can do it all on the device.  

    id be interested to hear what your school is doing about monitoring the ipad usage outside the class, i.e. interval/lunch.  Now with 100 kids wandering around with these things, at break the corridors are often lined with juniors getting gunnel-bum, playing ipad games on the lino.  Does your school police this sort of thing, and if they do, how?

  • Alison Middelkoop (View all users posts) 12 Feb 2014 8:46pm ()

    Thanks for all the contributions and I can see more being added as I look at the doc! At BHS we haven't quite started the BYOD programme - we are officially implementing from mid-year and are having PD on Monday mornings for 45mins for staff to explore ideas. One of our issues is that we are not narrowing down the type of device that students bring as different feeder schools are going in different directions (one main one is going ipad and the other towards Chrome books). We are recommending Chrome books but it is yet to be seen what proportion of each type of device we will have in our classes. Hence some apps have limited use as a whole classroom teaching device as they are not compatible with all platforms......does anyone else out there have this issue?

    The view of our department is definitely that we are doing a blended e-learning approach with the text book and exercise book still a very important tool. We need to see where technology enhances learning and motivation.

    No policy on use of computers etc outside the classroom but then not fully integrated into our school yet. I don't think you can/should limit use of them, as one major point is that learning can happen anywhere, not just in the classroom........but it is a shame if students don't spend their intervals and lunch times playing sport, doing drama or perhaps just having a F2F conversation!

  • jat (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2014 10:29pm ()

    We have had Y9 start with laptops in class this year (we are lucky as they all lease the same one).  We do use Mathletics.  The school has subsidised it as part of our textbook budget. It is not perfect but we can adapt as we go - suits differentiated learning.  We only use sparingly - in class maybe 20 min - 1hr a week then some for homework.  What we also have done is encouraged the girls to  use laptops in flip learning and writing their own notes in their own words.  Good discussion starter for the next period.  All homework is put on our maths website as well.

  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2014 9:25pm ()

    This is fantastic, I love it! Thanks for sharing

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 14 May 2014 10:50am ()

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