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Updating Cyber Safety agreement

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Started by agilchrist 11 Feb 2014 6:23pm () Replies (2)

We are at the start of our GAFE journey and the students are soon to have their own Gmail accounts.  Due to this change we need to update our cyber safety agreement with the students.  I would really appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction or seeing any examples of a recent cyber safety agreement that could be used in a primary school setting.

I would also love to hear about the parents and community feedback you may of had in regards to GAFE


  • Peter Corlett (View all users posts) 11 Feb 2014 6:42pm ()

    We have had school email (gmail) accounts for several years, for all students although only really relevant to Yr5+.  We framed our discussions around the idea that school computers were for learning - and "What will this help you learn?" as being the key question.  If they were emailing a zoo, vet, specialist etc then that was permited - and email addresses provided.  Children could email teachers and school staff like the librarian. The additional use was that they could email family members here and overseas.  The key rules about keeping safe ....

    a) Never use your school email to sign up to online games etc out of school - it is non-educational and gaming sites harvest the email addresses and sell them to spamming companies.   - use a different email (eg a yahoo address) as your throw-away junk email address.   

    b) Dont use it to plague other kids or distract them from their work .... eg sending an email like "wats up" to the person sitting next to you.  

    c) Only use polite, sensible language - silliness will result in your email being disabled (Techie sets the email account size to 0kb and it ceases to work until it is given more space again)

    d) Your school email is monitored - Hapara teacher dashboard - Show the kids how you can see all they do by putting it up on the data projector - kids see that they will be caught if they misbehave.

    e) If you8 get an email that makes you feel uncomfortable or is bullying, show or forward it to your teacher.


    So we don't have explicit, rule based computer account contracts - behaviour is covered under the general class rules.

    I am responsible for my behaviour andf choices - nobody else.

    Be in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

    Act and speak kindly and respectfully to others.

    Show respect towards the property of others.


    We did discuss and give examples of what this would look like in ICT contexts.

    So if there was any misuse of computers, not just email, then it was covered.... no need for a long list of rules.

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