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Google Drive on Windows Surface

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Started by Claire Turton 09 Feb 2014 8:36pm () Replies (4)

We are allowing students the opportunity to BYOD this year at Maunu School.

Several students have bought a Windows Surface. We are working mainly in a Google Apps for Education environment. I do not have a huge amount of experience with the Windows Surface. From brief websearches I can see in discussions that Google Drive can be accessed through the browser, however i have also found a G Pro Drive App in the Windows App Store for $4.99. Does anyone have any knowledge of this App. Is it worth recommending to our Windows Surface owners in the community?


  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 09 Feb 2014 8:43pm ()

    Claire, I confess I don't know much about the Windows Surface either. However, I would recommend that the students load Chrome Browser onto it, rather than work in a Microsoft Browser environment to get the best out of Google Apps - if they permit it.

    Not sure about the App.

  • Craig Chapman (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 8:30am ()

    There is a really important thing to clarify here, which is whether the Microsoft Surface's are running Windows RT or full Windows 8. The Windows RT version of the Surface would have cost around $300-$500, while the full WIndows 8 version is around $1000.

    The reason this is important is that the RT version cannot run Google Chrome. Windows RT machines can only run Windows 8 apps (i.e. apps specifically made for WIndows 8, sold through the Windows Store), and cannot run anything outside of this (which includes Google Chrome: it's designed to run on full Windows 8 only).

    Mark's advice to use the browser is sound. The students can log into their google account in Internet Explorer (the default internet browser) and their google apps will work fine through there. You probably don't need an app to do that job. 


  • Mark Callagher (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 8:46am ()

    Interesting Craig.

    If that is the case I would advise against students purchasing a Windows RT or any device which is unable to install Google Chrome if the school is promoting Google Apps for Education. One of the important features of Google Apps is not only the Docs environment but the Chrome Web App store. These applications run in the Chrome Browser environment. At least the Chrome Browser can be installed on iPads, Android Tablets, and virtually all other computers...except Windows RT by the sounds of it. A big, possibly deliberate, fail by Windows. Possibly part of their recent war against Google!

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