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e-Learning 2014- where to now?

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Started by Emily Keenan 07 Feb 2014 5:50pm () Replies (7)

The new school year is upon us. 

Where are you & your school heading with your e-learning journey this year?

How are you planning to get there?

What are you commiting to do, implement or investigate with regards to e-Learning in 2014?  

Jump in and share your ideas- perhaps others in the group will be able to offer help or support for your journey.


  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 10:08am ()

    Kia ora koutou, I'm from Middleton Grange School. We're in a really exciting place at the moment. A lot of infrastructure and vision stuff was sorted last year, and this year the school has invested in a part-time E-Learning Coordinator position to coordinate some pilots and help teachers to integrate e-learning into their teaching. It's a start, we have a long way to go but there's a real buzz in the school now amongst staff towards blended learning and use of technology. 

    • Moodle is being set up and some formal pilots running this year, whole-school implementation over the next three years
    • "Pedagogical helpdesk" - part of my time allowance is to answer teachers' questions, from basic to advanced, to build confidence and momentum
    • Making connections with other schools to see what they're doing (get in touch!)
    • Goal for this year is to run and document the pilots and to build staff skill & confidence ready to implement more school-wide change next year
    • We have a formal ICT Committee to make decisions, and an informal team of teachers experienced in e-learning to help the e-Learning Coordinator with helping colleagues

    We're quite a way behind many schools but quickly picking up steam, so any advice or help you can all give would be greatly appreciated.

  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 10:11am ()

    On a side note, if any of you are particularly interested in working with your school's Maths dept to increase effective use of blended learning in Mathematics, check out this group /groups/profile/724954/maths-and-statistics-ict-community and get your Maths teachers to join :)

  • Ray Burkhill (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 10:48am ()

    Hi Stephen, great to see you posting on here...hope you managed to have a good break and resisted the temptation to send emails between Christmas and New Year (lol etc). I'm getting a sense from this post that you are making headway at MG and particularly pleased to see that you have a committee structure to back you up.

    I know that you feel you are behind other schools, but actually that isn't necessarily true. A lot of Christchurch secondary schools are near the start of their e-learning journeys. Even when they may have started down this path a year or more ago, we all know that secondary schools 'turn like super-tankers' and a committed individual like yourself can accelerate the process in any school.

    I think you've hit the nail on the head by wanting to get in touch with other schools. Only last week I was contacted by a teacher from Hornby HS (or Linwood West as I like to call it...Scot, Lynda, Dick, Karen to name but a few!) where I've been working, wanting to establish connections with other schools who have started using Moodle. Is that something you'd be interested in doing?

    Look forward to hearing how things develop for you at MG this year. 


  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 13 Feb 2014 6:04pm ()

    Ray - thanks yes I resisted the temptation to do any work over the whole summer break - my new wife would have been pretty unimpressed otherwise! Got married 21st December Laughing had a sweet break. Yes lots of headway at MGS, it's really exciting. That's encouraging to hear about other schools in a similar place as us, too - yes please definitely keen to hook up with 'Linwood West'/Hornby HS, feel free to connect us :)

    Kate - that's exciting! I look forward to hearing more as your year progresses, especially as it matches our journey in several key areas - keen to touch base about your iPad programme, as we're running a small iPad pilot this year in our Primary school. We're moving to GAFE with pupils this year, staff have had access to it for a while but only just started to really pick it up in the last half of last year. Keen to learn from your experiences! Want to get in touch? s.mcconnachie@middleton.school.nz

  • Kate Friedwald (View all users posts) 11 Feb 2014 6:00pm ()

    Hi all, Kate here over at Wairakei.  Large focus for us this year on up skilling staff so they feel comfortable embedding e-learning into their teaching.  This will take place through regular techie brekkies and staff professional learning groups sharing similar e-learning goals. We are beginning to use GAFE more with many staff docs etc. shared this way and 1 class (1to1 BYOD iPad) on their way to utilising for learning. We will look at switching more to GAFE after we have trialled it more and had a go with Office365 to see which will work best in our environment.  We have a heap of hardware so this year is about bringing the pedagogy in line and staff gaining confidence and expertise in using it.  Looking forward to seeing how we meet these goals!

  • Brian Hutching (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2014 11:20am ()

    Hi Brian Hutching Linwood College here

    We are in the third year of 2 classrooms using 1 to 1 ipads. We are still on a very steep learning curve. We have instituted a Cloud management (Meraki) for the iPads. This is supposed to give us the ability to be able to manage the iPads (control) more easily than we have in the past. We'll see. I'd be interested to hear from others if they use Meraki.

    We have Moodle built. This is our third go - the first Moodle 1.9 started 4 years back. We then took the MOE offer to migrate this to Watchdog/Knowledgenet server. When the two years were up we migrated Moodle back to our server. I began to rebuild the system then called in outside help. I no longer have those hours. We have employed a fulltime elearning director who is starting in Term 2. We have yet to work out the whole question around permissions and how these are set etc. Hopefully, Moodle will be up and running again Term 2.

    We use Google apps in Education. I have found this invaluable for my Learning Area (English and Languages) as well as for the classes I teach. I set up folders on Google Drive. We have not yet used Teacher Dashboard but are keen to do so. 

    I would like to see Google and Moodle more integrated. Once again if people have ideas around this I love to hear from them via this forum.

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