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Changing from Data Projectors to TVs

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Started by Mark Maddren 07 Feb 2014 3:32pm () Replies (14)

With the increase in use of Apple TV and the expense of Data Projector Bulbs etc, what size TV's are schools choosing to use in the classrooms? Is there a better size for reading text etc when children are sharing / presenting? 


  • Lorraine Makutu (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 5:13pm ()

    I've gone with 42". It seems to work for our students but they do a lot more within small groups - the older students don't mind it.

  • Nicky Clark (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 6:44pm ()

    We have gone with 50" TVs, which work really well for group or class sharing or presenting. Noel Leeming have given me excellent education pricing!

  • Amy Massey (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 7:17pm ()

    We are moving away from interactive whiteboards and projectors, and are moving to TV screens. Last year I purchased a 42" screen, but ended up feeling it was a bit small. I need to get another screen for a classroom and am going for a 50". Both screens are for senior classes.

  • gareth scholes (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 9:01pm ()

    We have just received funding to put 50" TV's and Apple TV's through our 40 classrooms. As well as the issue with bulbs etc we have found that teachers are not having to close up all their blinds to share which they are currently with projectors.

  • Jacqui-Ellen Price (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 9:17pm ()

    We have a 60" screen which is perfect for our large, open-plan classroom. It is also on a special trolley that means it can be moved where ever it is needed.  Can't quite give up the projector either though, as the interactive capabilities are essential for modelled writing sessions.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 10:12pm ()

    Just looking at all of this myself! I'd be interested to know what your special trolley is and how bulky it is. Also, how low can the TV go and can an Apple TV sit on a shelf with it. Is it one of the Sitech ones?

    Our junior teachers seem to want a particular Sitech teaching station (similar to this but with a 42" TV and the plastic drawers/shelving). I'm not convinced about the TV size, and think that senior classes at least would need a 50" screen. Nevertheless, we've got to think about whether this becomes something that directs all eyes to the front of the class, more traditional type of teaching situation. But I really do want something that students can share their work on and everyone can see, or use as a clear communicating tool with Skype, Facetime etc.

  • GConlon (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 9:03am ()

    We use 50" Televisions with Apple TV units. We combine this with an AVER Visualise camera which allows us to record as well. This allows for the full interactive content without the need for complicated set ups.

  • Nicky Clark (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2014 10:24pm ()

    There are many apps you can use on iPads that have an interactive capability and it's cool when students can take turns at connecting to Apple TV to share their work!

  • Aaron Frost (View all users posts) 10 Feb 2014 3:18pm ()

    We have a mixture of 42inch and 50inch.

    It depends whether the focus is on whole class or teaching groups. 

    I would recommend getting them as large as you can given space, cost etc...

    I have seen some 32" in classes, they are cheap but it is difficult to read text etc.

    Personally I have a wireless data projector which I am loving. I mirror the ipad via airserver or I can directly connect to the data projector with some apps.

  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2014 3:18pm ()

    We have gone for 50" tv's as well. like Nicky we got excellent pricing from Noel Leeming. We have just stuck with tilt wall mounts as the wall mounts that can be adjusted and moved were just too expensive. One of the issues we had to work through was placement of televisions in the room so they weren't too high or in an inconvenient spot in the classroom. Each class was different physically and some of classes have limited wall space. Choosing the HDMI cable length was another issue and I found I had to buy extra Display port to HDMI adaptors as the TELA Hp laptops only had display ports. (extra Expense). However now I see that HP are sending an adaptor with the new laptops. Well done HP. Quite a few of our classes have also acquired Apple TV to attach as well so their Ipads can be used. Installing televisions has definitely made an impact on our teachers and the way they are using this presentation, modelling tool.

  • Steven Wills (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2014 6:18pm ()


    This company offer a range of wall mounts at excellent prices.

  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2014 8:44pm ()

    Awesome thank you very much for all your feedback.

  • Nicky Clark (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2014 10:33pm ()

    I use PB Tech for the cables to connect T.V.s with various laptops. They sell cables and lots of adapters, so you can connect all ages of laptop with TVs!!! Very competitive pricing, but they don't ship items until invoice is paid!!

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