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Problems with Chromebook on school network

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Started by Melinda Bolton 05 Feb 2014 9:58am () Replies (9)

Hi all,

Our school has purchased Chromebooks to start our Google Apps journey (yay!!). However when I have tried to connect them to the internet through the school network nothing is loading. I set one up at home and had no problems. I've been through the Google help procedures but nothing seemed to help.  Has anyone got any ideas That I can try?

Thanks in advance :)


  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 06 Feb 2014 11:47am ()

    Hi Melinda,

    On our Smartnet server we need to enter the mac-id of devices such as Chromebooks onto the server or they can't access the internet at school.  I can send you more details if you happen to be a Smartnet school.  This might be something that has to happen somehow with other networks as well. I don't know.


  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2014 11:49pm ()

    Hi Sam, If you aren't sure how to enter the mac ids...sign in as sysadmin on Smartnet and go into system management.  Go to Firewall Config, then click the second tab which is advanced configuration.  In here you enter the addresses of the chromebooks, one at a time, as below:

    Protocol - Any

    Port - Any

    Mac Address - address of the Chromebook.  Find this by (on the Chromebook)

    • clicking the right arrow next to “Connected to (the name of your wireless network)”

    • Clicking on the name of your wireless network

    • The hardware address is at the bottom of the box that opens.  It is a series of numbers connected by colons, but you don't need to type the colons in when you enter the address here.
    Destination IP - Any
    Description - whatever you like to call it e.g. Hilary's Chromebook....
    I hope this helps.




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