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Chromebook management

Started by Rob Gunn 30 Jan 2014 7:03pm () Replies (6)

We are in the process of finishing our first chromebook deployment. We have the chrome management console and are now wondering if we have ticked all the right boxes so to speak. So far we have;

  • disabled guest log in
  • can only be used on our network
  • safe searching enabled
  • sign in restrictions so only our domain can log in
  • set the right time zone (very important )
  • enabled sites to start on log in
  • turned off incognito mode
  • gradually blacklisting websites but not a huge priority as teaching kids about smart use is a main priority.

Can anyone think of anything else that they have used that may be useful?


  • Renee (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2014 10:23pm ()

    We are only just starting on this journey so am interested to read your list.

    In relation to "so only our domain can log in" - is that what is called enrolling the device?  where I would hit ctrl e and enter in any email address that in our case ends with @stmaryshastings.school.nz?????


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2014 10:30pm ()

    When we did it we presumed that by making it so only our domain can log in that if the device was stolen you would have to log in with a @ourschool.school.nz address or it wouldn't work.

    That seemed like a sensible idea.

  • Justine Driver (View all users posts) 29 Mar 2014 10:47am ()

    Just deployed 50 Chromebooks via CMC and found your list useful.  Although we have it set to only our domain can log in, I chose to have these devices available for any network, so that staff could take them off-site when we attend professional learning or home to have a "play" with.  Planning on putting a sticker on the front of each device to alert possible burglars that the device will only work on our school domain, so pointless stealing as a deterrant.  I have also personalised what apps/extensions are available to students in the launcher and pinned to taskbar.

    Question: Can't seem to block access to the Chrome Store Icon on the launcher - any ideas what setting that is under?  Students can't download any apps/extensions (as have blocked that) but don't want them to be able to browse the chrome store as there is content on there that is not suitable for young eyes)

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 28 Mar 2017 5:04pm ()

    This thread has been inactive for a couple of years, but I'm interested to know what tips schools have now, for setting up their Chromebooks via the Management Console. Do the above tips still stand? What else would you add?

  • Saunil Hagler (View all users posts) 29 Mar 2017 10:19am ()

    Hi Carol.  Did you buy through Cyclone?  If so, I can help you configure your device settings to ensure they're set right.  As I see it, the key is to ensure students are safe and secure when on the devices, whether at school or at home in BYOD contexts.  Certain device settings through Chrome mgmt ensure students can only use their school-managed Google account - therefore all user settings (eg YouTube restrictions where appropriate, external domain access in Hangouts etc) are prevented.  This provides the 'boundaries' that help ensure students have some flexibility while still keeping them safe.  It also means the school's doing all they can to ensure the kids are safe.  If students can sign in with an unmanaged Google account (ie .gmail.com) then they can access a heap of inappropriate content on your network, even if you have N4L filtering etc.  The same applies to using Guest mode when on home networks (generally kids can go anywhere on home networks).

    Lightspeed has a new extension called 'Relay for Chrome' which runs whenever the students sign in with their school Google account, no matter the network -- even at home.  It filters them and keeps them safe. I reckon it's great value.

    Happy to outline more on the above if you want.  saunil.hagler@cyclone.co.nz

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