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Setting up iOS7 devices for schools

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Started by Carol Kendall 28 Jan 2014 4:44pm () Replies (2)

Either for individual devices, or via Apple Configurator and the VPP. I've just picked up some new devices for school, and have spent time on the phone to Apple's Enterprise Support, asking how we can switch off the Passcode Lock in such a way that students can't switch it back on again and use their own Passcode to make the device inaccessible. Obviously, we don't want to set the Passcode lock ourselves, either, because we'd have to tell the students what it was simply so they could even use the device - hmmmmm.

The Passcode lock CAN be switched off, but it can still be accessed and set up - turning Restrictions ON does not limit access to the Passcode lock, it seems - and Apple agrees.This is the same whether for an individual stand-alone device, or one set up through Configurator. There is no setting to block access by students to the Passcode lock.

The Apple person I spoke to said we should all contact Apple and make a feature request to change this. Apparently there is a feedback setting in Configurator, and for individuals there is the option to give feedback to Apple here.

In the meantime, we're stuck - OR.... does someone else have another idea that we can use as a work-around.


  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 28 Jan 2014 5:03pm ()

    As far as I am aware, that is the case.  If the device is enrolled in an MDM (Profile Manager/Meraki/Casper) it is pretty easy to unlock the device and/or remove the passcode lock when required.


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