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Purchasing cromebooks for 1:1 computing

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Started by sarahaperahama 27 Jan 2014 5:32pm () Replies (9)

Hi I just after some advice around purchasing a set of 30 cromebooks for the use of 1:1 computing in the classroom. suggestions of deals, must haves, suppliers of the hub (COW) would also be handy.

Cheers Sarah


  • Andrew Wooster (View all users posts) 27 Jan 2014 8:25pm ()

    Hi Sarah, the mark up on chrome books isn't huge and in my experience don't expect to get any better deal for buying 30 than a couple. Brand of book is the most important. Are all other classes 1:1 too? Hubs range in price from $900-2000 for good secure ones.

  • sarahaperahama (View all users posts) 27 Jan 2014 8:40pm ()

    Thank you both for the feedback. I have collected some quotes for the Chrome books now but havent found the perfect trolley/ hub yet. Does anyone have any links to any that could hold 30 Chromebooks?

  • Fastpaddy (View all users posts) 27 Jan 2014 10:24pm ()

    Have you thought of two trolleys of 15 chromebooks each?

  • meeka Inglis (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2014 12:18pm ()

    Hi Sarah, we have two 15 i book trolleys and they are quite heavy for moving around the school. We lose wheels from time to time and negotiating doors etcsometimes feels like heavy work. 30 may be a few too many in one trolley. 

  • Dave Winter (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2014 12:08pm ()

    Here are the boxes we use. They are designed to hold 5 devices and there chargers.

    They are easily carried by most year 5 students. We have added some ipearl cases that help identify the chromebooks in groups.

    the chromebook sets

  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2014 6:54pm ()

    Hi Sarah. 

    We have converted filing cabinets to store the chrome books. We have built in dividers with an area at the back to store the power packs. Each book has its own padded pouch which also fits in the divider. It is nice and easy, no power cords every where and they can be locked away each night. Hardest part was drilling a hole in the filing cabinet for the extension cord :)

  • Mike Forrest (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2014 9:53pm ()

    Hi Sarah. This line of products are worth looking at - http://www.lockanddock.co.nz/  We got some of the PC Vaults. Not the cheapest but pretty robust. 

  • Belinda Mackean (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2014 8:27am ()

    Hi, I would recommend trying out COW trolleys before you purchase, if you go down that road, we have three and they are all very heavy and hard to move.  We can't get the students to move them around the school because of slopes etc so.......... there must be a better way!

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