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Google for planning

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Started by Jude Lees 19 Jan 2014 5:52pm () Replies (7)

I am looking for ideas to set up new planning systems for this year. I have followed some older threads but wonder if there is anyone out there using google sheets/docs/calendar to plan ??? I have developed serious thumb problems and would appreciate help from a shared template to eliminate overuse and starting from scratch. Thanks in advance : )


  • Lisa (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2014 5:38pm ()

    Hi Jude - we use google drive to plan all our work. I work in a modern open learning environment, (80 kids, 3 teachers) so we have found that spreadsheet is the easiest. This way all the docs stay in one place and we can start a new one for each term. Its nothing fancy and didn't take long to set up. I am more than happy to share one from a last year with you. One of the team leaders also uses all google drive to do long term plan , etc. and we have just moved to google dashboard. However, I still think the best thing is a spreadsheet - saves on so many pages!

  • Suzette Ipsen (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2014 6:22pm ()

    I would like to see that Lisa! Smile

  • Lisa (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2014 8:40am ()

    Sure Suzette - I will just finish my Long Term plan..vision (coming up with a new name for Long Term Plan as I don't like that idea) and then I'll share docs. We also track all our kids the same way with tables on goggle docs and this is where we put all our data. Great system!

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2014 10:35am ()

    Hiya. I use Google for all my planning and assessment too. I create a new spreadsheet every term that has different tabs (sheets) for the overview and timetable and then one for each week of the term. I use spreadsheets so that I can merge cells. Here is the one I am setting up for this term. Don't pay too much attention to the content at the moment as this is still developing!  The termly overview is in someone else's computer and I'm waiting for an email from him so haven't filled it in yet.


  • Kristen Price (View all users posts) 28 Jan 2014 6:57pm ()

    Hi Suzie,

    Do you mind if I make a copy of your planning?  Need to change mine and like how yours is all in one place.  Look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing as well. 

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 28 Jan 2014 7:47pm ()

    Hiya - I don't have any issues with that :) 

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