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Setting up a new blog

Started by Steph Kitto 19 Jan 2014 7:43am () Replies (11)

Looking at different class blogs last year I noticed that some teachers keep the same blog each year and their new class adds to it, while others start a new blog each year.  I'd really appreciate peoples thoughts about wether to continue with the same blog this year or start with a new one. Pros and cons please.  Thanks


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 19 Jan 2014 11:42am ()

    I like to keep that same blog going as children from previous years often come back to visit, reminisce and leave comments. I do delete the Blogger labels and sidebar links to specific resource sites from previous years so we start that afresh.

    Whatever happens I would never delete a blog- it is a rich portfolio of learning- both for you and your students.

    I wonder if you have had a wander through our best blog posts to see what other people mostly do.



  • Justine Hughes (View all users posts) 19 Jan 2014 4:01pm ()

    Hi Steph

    I agree with Allanah.  I've been blogging for years and  I keep my blogs each year and add to them.  I've asked the students in the past whether they would like to start a new blog but they've said that they love being able to look back at past discussions etc and share and add to resources on the blog.  It also makes a great starting point for examining what makes an effective blog, effective blog posts etc and creating criteria around that for the posts, etc.

    Definitely check out Allanah's site she suggested above - it's one of the best there is.  I've just shared it on a new FB page I've created for people to share eLearning resources - https://www.facebook.com/elearningbuzz14  There are some other blogging resources on there if you're interested.

    Enjoy the blogging journey - it's one of the most powerful tools in teaching and learning when it's running at its best.


    Justine Laughing

  • Alina Pescini (View all users posts) 19 Jan 2014 4:20pm ()

    Our school process is to establish a new blog for each year (but keep the old blog URL active so students/friends & family can look over it).  Aside from the work involved in setting up the blog, it does work quite well.  I can set up my new blog each year to match the feel/theme of the classroom (this year I'm going 'Seuss', last year was spots & pennant flags).  I teach year 0/1 children and each year they move onto a new class and a new blog...

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2014 9:33am ()

    I would normally keep one going and delete labels adjust sidebar as discussed but I've changed rooms and levels and had the room name in my address and title so I will be starting again :-) I do like the idea of the students helping to pick the theme etc to give them a little more ownership.

  • Caroline (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2014 11:22am ()

    I kept one class blog going over two years and that was great. Much easier than re-starting, and kids like to come back and check.  I will probably re-jig that blog for this year even though it's 2 years old as I've been out of the class for two years.

    I'm on the third year with a blog for the student television I facilitate in our school, and I think kids come back and read that over time as well. It's much easier than setting up all the links and tutorials and things I keep in blogs that can roll over. I re-shape it so it is relevant for each new year, and during the year often tidy through for relevance.

    I'm encouraging the rest of my syndicate to blog this year so will set up a yr 3&4 blog when I have a team email address from the techie. I would expect that to roll into next year.

    Good question and thanks for getting me thinking about what I will do!

  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2014 9:01pm ()

    I have just spent this afternoon with my Year 5&6 team to create class blogs.    I had started one last year as a 'trial blog'.  Now, we have moved into the world of Google so every class will be creating a blog to illustrate and share their learning.    From there, we will move onto student blogs for the Year 5-8 students.  


    I can see from the previous comments, that the majority appear to keep their class blog from year to year and that seems like a great idea.    As a team, we talked about the URL name of the blog and whether it should be linked to the room.   We decided that this could pose a problem if the teachers move rooms (our school is continuing to expand), but want to keep the blog.   So, instead of the URL having the room name, we have decided to use the teacher's surname e.g. www.beachlandsschoolcroll@blogspot.co.nz.   What are others doing?


    Aside from allowing students to be involved in the colours and font etc, they could also contribute towards the blog name.   



  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2014 10:49pm ()

    Hi Megan,

    great to hear you're extending blogging in your school. I can see where you are coming from, all the schools I work with are using the room number / name rather than then teacher name, but that is how the students identify themselves, e.g. rather than in Mrs. Kern's class, they might be in Room 1. To build student ownership, I feel it is important that the name refers to how they idenrify their class. However, blog title and URL can be two different things, and students probably worry more about the title than the URL. As long as the URL structure is consistent across the school, readers can easily navigate from class blog to class blog.

    Good luck! Monika

  • Steph Kitto (View all users posts) 23 Jan 2014 3:11pm ()

    Thank you all for your thoughts.  I have decided to keep my blog and add to it.  There are several people following the blog who have no direct connection with last years class, so it will be good to have these people continue to comment.  Thanks againCool

  • Myles Webb (View all users posts) 02 Feb 2014 9:10am ()

    Yes would definatly keep it - obviously you can change the blog name, it gets a bit tricker with changing the URL if you include something date or class specific within the name.  I had Room8 in the name and switched classes at my old school and the last two years just explained the shift to the students and they were fine about it.  Its preferable to starting again from scratch, while I've done that this year I've tried to keep contact with the best people that I can.

  • Rachel O'Connell (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2014 10:22pm ()

    I've done both and find that keeping the same blog going is MUCH EASIER and time efficient.  The first couple of years my colleague and I created new blogs each year but that meant re-loading links to all of the websites etc that we wanted our students to have direct access to via our blog.  We see no issues with keeping the same blog as all posts are archived in the year that they were created so you don't lose anything.  Hope this helps

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