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How to make a goggle presentation private in a gmail account that has multiple people on one password

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Started by Kararaina Luke 17 Jan 2014 3:10pm () Replies (5)

Hi, I have created a gmail account for a large group of people - giving all the log in @ gmail.com and all using 1 password to access.

In this g mail account there is a presentation that is holding links, photos, PDFS,  videos etc for all to access and view BUT how do I ensure as the owner of the presentation that VIEW only is VIEW only and that people cannot take from the presentation?

I tested it today and eeek - I could download and save from the presentaion even though it is set up as view only...

Or is there another suggested way to host this presentation and allow families across the words to access it as VIEW only?


  • Rob Clarke (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2014 5:30pm ()

    Kia Ora Kararaina,

    There are 3 ways I can think of to solve this:

    1. Put the presentation into 'Present mode' and provide people with the URL. 
    2. Publish the presentation to the web and provide people with that URL.
    3. Publish the presentation to the web and embed it into another web page - this would be my preferred option because it puts the presso into the context of your blog or web site. This is a really effective way to share a presentation, if you aren't able to embed it into a web page you could share it via slideshare or another similar tool.

    There is no way to stop anyone with access to the drive account mucking up (or deleting) your presentation though. You really should consider Google Apps for Education, you can have as many accounts as you like the and take advantage of the collaboration and control features. If you want help email me off line.



  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 22 Jan 2014 9:30am ()

    Agreed that there is no way to stop people editing or downloading if they have access to the account where it was created. If you have another Google account you could move the presentation to it. You can share the presentation with the other account and then change the other account to the owner once you've shared it. Then you can 'unshare' it from the original account and then provide access using one of Rob's ideas above. Google Apps for ed would allow you to give people individual accounts so you have more control of the content for individuals.

  • Kararaina Luke (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2014 3:09pm ()

    thanks Suzie and Rob for your feedback.

  • Peter Corlett (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2014 5:27pm ()

    If you do any presentation, if it is viewable it can be captured using screen shots, such as "snipping tool". The pages can then be recreated by the new person.  Not sure which software would capture the videos but no doubt there is something out on the web designed to do that too.   

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