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Flexible Learning timetable/programs

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Started by Buffy T 10 Jan 2014 11:14pm () Replies (5)


in 2014, I will be the teacher of a 1:1 ipad class.  An approach that I would like to implement in my class is developing a flexible learning timetable.  Are there teachers doing this already?  I have seen some fabulous examples, but any other information would be great.  I am trying to get my head around how to set a system such as this up.

Any advice, ideas, how to's, who to ask would be great!




  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 12 Jan 2014 9:36am ()

    Hi Buffy,

    Here is a post I wrote a couple of years ago about how we began with (what we called at the time) individual learning pathways http://amymmcc.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/individual-learning-programmes-ilp.html

    As a class we disucssed their learning and what we wanted learning to look like.  I spoke about the control and decisions I wanted them to be making in regards to their learning, especially talking about them taking ownership of what they learn and how they learn. There are always hurdles, but working them out together was a fantastic learning curve for all of us - students, teachers, parents.  I couldn't imagine, now being the one who makes all the decisions in a classroom and couldn't imagine not consulting with the learners about their learning.  Its really important to get your students involved as much as possible with the process and let them design what it will look like - a co constructed learning environment (spaces, timetable, learning stles, etc) that suits all learners needs.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2014 1:42pm ()

    Wonderful blog post Amy, thank you for sharing. I've also enjoyed your links to 'Flipping the classroom' as well as the iPad roll-out.



    More support can be found here:

    1. iPad/iPod user group - discussions
    2. Virtual Learning Network: Do you flip your classroom?!
    3. Virtual Learning Network: What the Flipped Classroom is not
    4. Homework and authentic learning
  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 12 Jan 2014 12:50pm ()

    Thank you for the link to your blog.  Really great practical information.  I can see it is important to work with students to set up the learning environment.  It would be great to contact you as I work my way through the process as I am sure more questions will arise.  The powerpoint you have made is great and I am going to share with my team.  

    Your blog gave me some places to start - thanks a bunch.




  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2014 1:35pm ()

    Kia ora Buffy and welcome to a new teaching year 2014!

    I see you've 'Liked' the thread relating to the unconference type webinar Enabling e-Learning hosted last year, so hopefully you also viewed the two presentations on ways to encourage self-regulated learners?

    • Rachael Baker shared her story about how she mentors students to become self-regulated learners through the use of ICTs. You can access Rachael's presentation here and find out more by visiting her wiki.
    • Anne Kenneally shared her vision and progress for creating flexible learning spaces and timetables - that reflect an effective e-learning pedagogy in the classroom. You can access Anne's presentation here.
    Hopefully this helps too? Smile

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