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Started by Claire 06 Aug 2011 9:36am () Replies (15)

Does anyone use I-pads as a listening post option? Are school journal stories recorded as mp3 anywhere?


  • Melinda Bennett (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 10:08am ()

    Yes we do all the time!
    Our office lady loads the journal CDs into ITunes as they arrive at school. Then we use a belkin splitter so 5 children can listen at once.

    Melinda - Ahuroa school

  • Amanda (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 10:12am ()

    Apparently they are going to be available as mp3 in the upcoming changes to journals - See this PDF that Dorothy Burt sent via twitter.  Looks good.  Would be good to use with a splitter - I find the noise from the iPads is hard at times.  I think headphones will be going on the stationery list for kids next year.

  • Janine Johnston (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 10:35am ()

    We purchased a CD last year that has an web interface which can easily be put onto intranet.

    See http://www.plugged-in.co.nz/ for details.



  • Claire (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 8:28pm ()

    Thanks Janine - we bought this CD as well but cannot be transferred to I Tunes.... Amanda - keen to hear what you have been doing recently and how the head phones on the stationery list go down... Liing that idea... melinda are you on twitter or skype? Would love to discuss further... Thanks everyone...

  • Melinda Bennett (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 9:50pm ()

    On twitter as melindamaybenet

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2011 11:33pm ()

    I was in a senior class this week where the teacher had bought a Roald Dahl book for the class to read. Her instructional reading group were sitting with her to read the book together on their iPads. If you added an audio copy of the book to this that would be very cool too.

  • Brent McDowell (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 11:00am ()

    I have just been looking into using ipads as a listening post. I have loaded some mp3 files into iTunes on our school server. I have then used airplayit to stream them to iPads. Streaming to apple laptops is easy to do with the iTunes sharing option.

    I'm only trialling this at the moment but it seems to be working alright. Has anyone tried this method before or any other methods?





  • Iona Rait (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 10:25pm ()

    I use my iPad as a listening post in a new entrant classroom since I don't have a CD player.  What I do is put any ready to read books onto my itunes and make a playlist for it.  (They send them to all schools with a CD now). Then I set it playing through my apple tv to my speakers.  I just plug in a 4 way splitter to the speakers, I bought one quite cheaply from Smiggle which the children plug into with their headphones.   Then when they need help I control it from my teaching table and there's no worrying about it stopping or the tape being chewed or CD being scratched.  If I want to talk to the class I just push pause so they can hear me.  Works for me.  You could also record older buddies reading a story or have your big books read by the class to listen back to.

  • Tracey Gibson (View all users posts) 06 May 2013 9:04pm ()

    We have school journal Journal Listening post, comes as a CD with a web page contents page - I just loaded the audio from this into iTunes and now have it on all of our iPads.

    Works really well.  We put head phones on the stationary list this year - I got a good deal from Harvey Norman so managed to get them in the pack for less than $5.00.

  • Amy Collins (View all users posts) 06 May 2013 9:14pm ()

    If you plug in a Belkin Rockstar it gives you five ports to connect to. These are a cheap solution with lots of options! I have seen them in Harvey Norman at a reasonable price. 


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