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Managing admin documents

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Started by RosL 05 Dec 2013 5:44pm () Replies (3)


We are setting up Google Apps for Education at our secondary school and I would like to use Google Drive to share some of our admin documents across a large number of people.  I would prefer for these not to be owned by a specific person but rather by an admin account.  

I presume that would mean creating an additional generic user which may make managing these documents clunky as admin staff would have to work between their own Google Drive and the generic one.  Same probably applies for a setting up a school wide Site or blog.

Just wondering if there are any big schools out there who have found a good approach to managing information that needs to be shared across the whole school without it being owned by a single user.

Ros Lee
Otumoetai College


  • Jon Keelty (View all users posts) 05 Dec 2013 5:56pm ()

    Hi Ros,

    Create a generic "admin" user - they can then create a shared folder and give editing rights to appropriate staff Staff can then put docs into the folder and they are shared across the school... they can also transfer ownership to the "admin" user so it stays in that folder permanently.

    One solution among many, no doubt!

    Jon K.

  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 05 Dec 2013 8:15pm ()

    Hi Ros, creating an admin account would add another layer of complexity, just change the rights of documents so people can only 'view' or 'comment', you can invite as many people as you like to view or edit the documents.  Your tech admin will be able to set up groups like 'teachers' or 'slt' to make it easier to share with large groups.  Although this would mean that someone would have to have ownership of the folder (but you could share admin rights with as many people as you like), I think it would outweigh the problems of adding another 'admin' account to your existing school accounts.


    Good luck - we have used GAFE at GBHS since 2009, please contact me if you need anymore info!

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