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Chromebook Course 101

Started by Allanah King 21 Nov 2013 12:23am () Replies (45)

I am going to do this free course through Google


Sounds like fun- self paced- I like the sound of that!

Who is going to have a go with me?


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2013 4:43pm ()

    Thank you Sarah

    I originally took the photos with my iPhone using the HDR Pro app with takes two photos annd put them together to get great results.

    I then uploaded the photos to my Flickr Account and linked We Video to my Flickr account so I didn't actually directly upload the photos to make the project.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2013 3:56pm ()

    Today's task I chose to do was Cloud Printing.


    I'm not big on printing things at the best of times and I have an old fashioned, non-wifi printer at home. 

    You plug your printer into your MacBook or PC or whatever and then the two devices talk to each other and away the printer goes- it seemed very much like Printopia on an iPad.

    The process was dead easy but there was a hitch!

    What I decided to test printing with was in landscape but it printed in portrait!

    I Googled a solution and the help article showed a change orientation screen but my Chromebook didn't have that option.

    So it seems that Cloud Printing is just fine and dandy- as long as what you want to print is in landscape.

    Does anyone know of a way to sort this- I could just turn the document around but it is full of tables and such like and I don't want to even think of doing that!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 06 Jan 2014 11:37am ()

    Here is the first activity-

    Visit the YouTube channel for the Chromebook Classroom. Select one video based upon your interest, watch the video, and then prepare a short summary of your thoughts on the video and how it might apply to your classroom.. Share the video and your summary at the next staff meeting or in the teacher lounge at your school.

    I choose a video on managing apps and extensions. This must be more for school purchsed devices as they were managed by an administrator. Blocking of apps and extensions to me opens up a can of worms and alot of work surely as there are new apps every day, are you going to block them all? If it is a BYOD how would you manage in a class which lead me to watching Enrolling a chromebook. Again I think this is for school purchased devices as I would image BYOD devices, parents would not want the school to have admin rights. The advantage of enrolling a device is that apps can be automatically feed to devices and there can be some control of devices. After watching wiping a chromebook I can now see you could have a BYOD chromebook managed by the school and then wiped when they finish at the school to give the individuals control back.


  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 06 Jan 2014 12:12pm ()

    Activity 2

    Visit the App Packs for Education site and select the tab for the grade level that best corresponds to the students you work with or teachers you support. Select one of the apps, install the app on Chrome browser, and then draft a 2-3 paragraph review of the app in the word processing tool of your choice. Share this review on a blog, Google+ or other form of social media.(NETS-Teacher Standards: 2a, 3a, 3d)

    I looked at the Khan Acamedy App as it was in the elementry collections - I searched a couple of subjects - The water cycle and Parts of a flower and there was either no content or it was to high for a year 5/6 class. Are any primary school teachers using Khan Academy?


    I then tried http://www.dogonews.com/category/science a current events and news app for teachers and students. It has a free signup for teachers and students or you can just browse the content.

    It can be used through safari on an iPad with the speak selection. Dogonews also shows the age it is appropriate for each article and has the vocabulary listed and highlighted within the text. The listed vocab has definitions, synonyms and antonyms. I could see using it with awesome screenshot to create closed reading activities.

    The search tool is not amazing and does not refine the search with two keywords together, it also does not list newest stuff first.

  • Denise Lee (View all users posts) 06 Jan 2014 4:58pm ()

    Now the holidays a well under way and the whanau has gone back to work I have time for myself, so I have registered and started the Chromebook Course 101 on Allanah's reccomendations.  I have just completed the first section.  I have now arranged all my bookmarks more efficiently, in particular the bookmarks bar.  I liked the video aimed at students explaining how to take care of their chromebooks, however I found it very American and too fast, so I may have a go at doing a NZ one using wevideo. I am interested in playing around with Socrative, I have bookmarked it to look at later. I found it interesting how they made an animated gif but don't know how I would use it, any suggestions.  I look forward to the next session and will keep you informed on my progressWink

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 06 Jan 2014 5:55pm ()

    I am a few lessons ahead of you but you have reminded me to get on with it and do a few more lessons.


  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2014 11:34am ()

    Activity 1.3

    On a Chromebook or in Chrome, select one of the free video editors WeVideo or the YouTube Editor. Spend 15-30 minutes getting to know the layout of the application. 

    I had a play with WeVideo yesterday and once again it was reinforced to me the ability to unlearn and relearn is such an important skill for learners to have. I had to unlearn what I knew about Microsoft movie maker and relearn WeVideo. After some initial frustrations of what I expected it to do I began to figure out WeVideo. I think I would resize photos before uploading to speed up the process. It would be good if you could stretch the timelime so you can see all the tracks instead of having to scroll. WeVideo gives plenty of sharing options and I can see that it would be suitable for videos on a chromebook. 

    Embed code is not working so here it goes 


  • Denise Lee (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2014 3:23pm ()

    Activity 1.2.  Before I review my app I thought that I would just share this video with you for novices using chrome apps.  

  • Denise Lee (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2014 3:40pm ()

    Activity 1.2 - The app that I chose to review id DoGonews.  It looks quite a useful site to use in your reading programme as it shares online news articles which you and your students can make comments on. The news articles have lesson plan suggestions, grade levels (American) and an interactive wordsearch based on the vocabulary words within the article.  There is also a geography section so that students can see where the article written is refering to on google maps.  As a teacher you can create a class page, add students, create lesson plans, recommend websites, create reading lists and monitor sudents comments. One aspect of it that I really like and can see myself using is that there is a movie review session.  There are clips of many different movies where the students can watch them then write a review.  I may consider using this site as a good way of incorporating current events into my classroom programme but may stick to http://www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz/ as this a tried and tested resource that last years class enjoyed using.

  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 07 Jan 2014 5:14pm ()

    Activity 2.2

    As I do not have a Chromebook I thought I would try and print from my iPad through my laptop to my old hp deskjet 810c using goggle cloud print. After reading the below links and signing into chrome on my iPad I accomplished printing success. I also discovered I can print through to the work printers when I am working at home. There still some limitations to what you can print as it seems to have to be through chrome. So I printed pictures through dropbox on chrome, not the dropbox app as the app wanted to air print only.



  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2014 3:26pm ()

    Awesome!!! Completed course. Units 3,4 and 5 where very quick. I did discover a Lord of the Rings theme for my Chrome Browser and scored 37 out of 38 for the test.

     My Certificate

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2014 10:02pm ()

    I am nearly there,

    What did you get wrong.

    Like the certificate?



  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 09 Jan 2014 9:17am ()

    Not sure I went through the test a couple of times but could not work out which one was wrong.

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