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Establishing GAFE when staff have Google accounts already using school email address

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Started by Sam Hocking 20 Nov 2013 7:37pm () Replies (4)

I am currently looking at establishing GAFE in our school.  All staff have google accounts of their own linked to their school email accounts.  When setting up the admin side of GAFE I came across a conflict with the email account I want to use already being associated with a google account.  

Can I link existing teachers google accounts to GAFE or will they all need to be deleted or have email addresses removed first?


  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2013 5:35pm ()

    We've had issues with this too, despite research I have found no way of linking them.  I would seriously suggest that before setting up GAFE and moving school email to it, you get teachers to move anything they use (like blogs etc) to another personal type gmail account,  ie set up a gmail account and share ownership with that account.  Then once all is set up nicely with GAFE they can share them back again.   I seem to have lost my old blogs:o(  Might already be too late for you though?

    If anyone knows how to do this more easily I would be interested to hear too.

  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2013 11:17pm ()

    Teachers need to change their email address to a personal one for their personal google account that was set up using their school email address.

    Then once their educational account is set up in GAFE they can share all their docs etc from their personal account to their new account.  Hope that makes sense.

    Here's how to change the email address.

    These are the steps to change your primary email address in your google account.

    To change the email address on your account, just follow these steps:

    1.       Visit the Google Accounts homepage.

    2.       Sign in to your account.

    3.       Click Edit in the Email section.

    4.       Enter your new email address and your current password.

    5.       Click Save email address.

    Once you've saved the change, you should receive a verification message at the email address you just entered. To complete the change, you'll need to click the verification link in this message. You should also receive a message at your old email address confirming that we've registered the change to your account. If you don't receive the verification email,check your spam folders or request a new email.

  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 28 Nov 2013 7:47am ()

    Duh, of course Helen, that makes far more sense :-)

    Unfortunately in my school we didn't realise we needed to do this until it was too late.  I now have the situation where there is a blog where I used to be the owner with my school email address but now we're sorted out under Gafe, I can't access it, and no one else has ownership.  There are a few others also in the school but no one else has wanted to access them yet!

    I've given up on it and made a new blog but if anyone knows how to retrieve it I'd be interested to hear.

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