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GAFE and Chrome confusion

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Started by Michelle Robison 20 Nov 2013 9:23am () Replies (6)

I have come across a school who has had a problem due to confusion of the chrome login and the GAFE login. If you have not set up the chrome preferences correctly it is easy for a student to become confuse, log-in to chrome and then that computer remembers and always goes back to the students chrome account. This is also linked to the GAFE account unless you have disabled the syncing in Chrome. A confusion which means others have access to your GAFE account. 

You need to log out of Chrome:
Go up to the chrome tab next to the apple at the top
Screen shot
You can see above that I am signed in.  Click on where your name is and disconnect your account. 
screenshot 2
Students should take care not to sign into Chrome. In a new account it will tell them to 'sign up' for a chrome account. The chrome sign in usually has the chrome icon with it.  They need to leave this alone and only 'sign in' via google. 
Best bet is get them to go to google.co.nz then sign in to their school google apps account.
I also recieved this in a forum, which should help for setup
On all of our public-space computers (classrooms, library, labs, etc) we set Chrome to "keep local data only until I quit my browser."  That setting is in Settings | Advanced | Privacy | Content Settings.
The setting could be changed by a nefarious user, but it will be reset on reboot because we use DeepFreeze on those computers.


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