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implementing E learning - Where does the leader / Principal start?

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Started by Warren Waetford 15 Nov 2013 6:10pm () Replies (1)

Kia ora

Some might say when you buy your first boat, first car, first musical instrument, first whatever?? to start small, buy secondhand, get the basic model, work out how to use it, master the skills and work your way up. Certainly a last century adage that most definitely does not apply to the world of E learning. I would certainly not survive in my role with a bright coloured $39.00 Alcatel from the past. Future proofing in this business is surely an impossibility. The school has x amount of dollars for E technologies but I am yet to fully understand what to purchase, what to prioritise, which curriculum area would benefit, which staff are most skilled, who needs PD and this is before we get to the learner needs and how their parents can support. I visited a modern learning environment designed college in Auckland. Even the architects miscalculated the size of the network server room. A large room with the most modern server taking up just a 10th of the anticipated space needed. E technology in a changing world? or is E technology changing the world? Certainly a leadership challenge for me.

  • I think understanding that E technologies are 'tools' first and foremost.
  • it appears their life is limited
  • that they support/aid teaching and learning
  • creates flexible learning opportunities
  • That teachers and interfacing is 'still' vital
  • that building designs need to be reviewed - do we still need traditional computer labs?
  • that user pays
  • and so on

 A strategic implementation plan is important to get right.

We have endeavoured to be innovative in our school but our implementation has not always been clearly thought through. For example we implemented net books at year 8, what does this mean for curriculum design / delivery for these students when they get to year 9 then to year 10. On top of this parents spend $400.00 for a tool that will be outdated in a couple of years.

An innovation that has been quite successful is being part of Harbournet - a number of schools who share their teaching expertise by teaching students from participating schools on line. For example our Samoan teacher teaches a number of students from other schools who otherwise would not have that learning opportunity.

Where would I start? by surrounding myself with experts as the first step.

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e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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