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How can we foster home school partnerships?

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Started by Allanah King 05 Aug 2011 11:02am () Replies (53)

How can we improve/enhance the interactions between home and school to improve student learning and connect with parents/whanau?

What ideas do you have?


  • Stephen Soutar (View all users posts) 07 May 2012 9:47pm ()

    This is my first comment ever on the VLN even though I joined up last year.  I have read thru all the comments and have found some very good ideas that I will adopt at my school.  As far as building the partnership with the home, our school has been successful by doing everything by bribing children to encourage their parents along.  Rewards are offered to children and they pester their parents to attend.  We also ensure there is some form of entertainment or caregiving for their children.  Our next plan is to have the children presenting so parents are intrinsically motivated to show up.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 07 May 2012 10:19pm ()

    Participation is always better than lurking.

    Yes- we recently had a parent evening to ascertain support for one of 'my' schools iPad investment. Children shared some ebooks they had made a couple of tunes composed on the iPad. It worked well and we were very pleased with the turnout.


  • Helena Baker (View all users posts) 08 May 2012 2:16pm ()

    Kia ora tatou- partnership is about sharing responsibilities. One of the innovative ways our Te Reo Putahi teachers ensure that their regular whanau hui are attended and run well, is for all present to elect a chair from the whanau who takes over the running of the hui. The staff sit amongst the whanau and participate in the meeting on an equal footing.

  • Tamara Bell  (View all users posts) 08 May 2012 2:29pm ()

    Great discussion here!  One thing we liked to do at my last school was hold all hui off school grounds.  We would meet with our whānau at the local marae or wharenui, a place that they hold dear and feel 100% safe and comfortable in, not in a school hall, office, staffroom or classroom - often places that our parents have mixed feeling about, perhaps even bringing back bad memories from their own schooling experience.  Always provide an opportunity for kai and/or a cup of tea so you can talk on a personal level and get to know each other.  If you haven't already, check out this site and it's sister site - a very valuable online resource! 



    Ngā mihi Laughing

  • Rachel Carson (View all users posts) 13 May 2012 9:38pm ()

    Great to see so many ways in which we can foster this vital partnership.  I have been emailing regularly with some parents who cannot make it into school due to work commitments, but do prefer face to face discussions.  Any great ideas out there to get parents to comment on class blog?  We have a large portion of our parents online, and I am encouraging the children to share their postings at home, but no-one is commenting.  Any ideas would be valued.

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 14 May 2012 7:36am ()

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your comments - good questions:-)  There have been a couple of threads on this topic in Enabling e-Learning:

    I wonder if the question might be, how do we encourage parents to engage and extend what their students are doing or learning (which could be face-to-face, in a blog, in a book....). Is the over-arching aim to extend the engagement with learning amongst our families, in whatever way suits them?

  • Darren (View all users posts) 14 May 2012 10:11am ()

    I think it is really important that schools work on making learning visible in any way they can.  As a parent there is nothing worse that a lack of clarity about what is going on the classroom.  To me classrooms need to be open places and the learning that goes on needs to be actively shared with the community/parents.  The web provides so many powerful ways to do this (as evidenced by some of the ideas shared in this thread) so easily.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 14 May 2012 3:05pm ()

    Hi there Rachel, I see Allanah King has bookmarked an item on 

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 16 May 2012 8:49pm ()

    I have just finished recording my ideas on the Home School Partnership site that may be useful


  • Rachel Carson (View all users posts) 18 May 2012 5:46pm ()

    Wow! As my first tentative posting on the vln I am amazed and impressed at the quality and content of the responses I have received.  Thank you all for your responses. 

    I place a lot of emphasis on making the learning visible in the classroom.  Putting up the WALTs and evidence of learning around the room.  I need to transfer this to the online forum also.  I am now actually written BLOG on my daily planner to ensure that we make a posting at least once a week. We do this together as a class.

  • Moana Timoko (View all users posts) 20 May 2012 11:19am ()

    Kia ora koutou

    Some great ideas shared here.  I'm thinking about embracing other ways to just get whānau in the school...using ICT to not only share student achievement/notices etc but to assist with basic living tasks, such as paying the household bills, checking bank balances etc.  Having computer/internet access for parents who do not have access at home...running workshops around setting up internet banking, paying bills online, inviting local bankers in to set families up etc... accessing better discount rates because you're paying online....Thinking of simple ways to help families with financial matters and/or budgetting.  Times are hard for many and I'm sure any way of cutting back on household costs would be appreciated.  It wouldn't hurt to have Tea/Coffee facilities set up in a designated space and a little play area for younger children.  Display important notices around the room - with links and instructions to the school newsletters/blogs etc.  

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 20 May 2012 12:29pm ()

    Yes I think that would be agreat idea- especially in areas where internet access is poor. Paying bills on line could be really useful.

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