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Google Chrome on iPad

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Started by Sarah Parker 13 Nov 2013 9:08am () Replies (4)

I went to download Chrome for the iPad today and the question was asked 'are you 17 or older?'  Obviously I want Chrome for the class iPads, has anyone else had/got around/sorted this dilemma?


  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 13 Nov 2013 9:14pm ()

    Hi Sarah,

    i think it's because you can have possible 'access' to material more suitable for 17+, but that can be said of any browser. Does it stop you from downloading?

    You don't get that with Safari, because it's already on there. If your running filtering on your network, I'm sure you can justify it being on school iPads.


  • Sarah Parker (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2013 5:11am ()

    Thanks Shona, that was my thoughts too, but I wanted to gauge what others were doing.  Didn't get get asked that question when downloaded Chrome onto the desktops or the iMacs for that matter.  Strange.

  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2013 7:35pm ()

    This will be because on the desktops we download direct from Google (.dmg file) whereas on the iPads we go through the App Store and it's an App store thing.  You can come across this where the app can lead to use on more open networks and there is less control over the content we may come across such as on the internet. I suppose it gives everyone the heads up that content we create and that we can view is public and we know to treat it as such

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